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Saddam Sentenced To Death:

An Iraqi tribunal today convicted Saddam Hussein of crimes against humanity and sentenced him to death by hanging for the brutal repression of a Shiite town in the 1980s.

As the chief judge read aloud the verdict, a defiant Mr. Hussein shouted, “Long live the people! Long live the Arab nation! Down with the spies!” He thrust his finger emphatically into the air as he spoke, then repeatedly chanted, “God is great! To hell with you and your court! You don’t decide! You are servants of the occupiers and their followers. You are puppets!”

Sounds to me like someone who’s “gettin’ what they deserve.”

Immediately following the verdicts, fighting broke out between gunmen and the Iraqi Army in the Sunni neighborhood of Adhamiya in northeastern Baghdad, according to an Interior Ministry official. American forces swarmed the district, however, suppressing the violence, the official reported.

“Clashes erupted between supporters of Mr. Hussein and American troops near Bayji, north of Tikrit, Mr. Hussein’s birthplace and a stronghold of support for the Sunni-led insurgency, according to witnesses there.”

Meanwhile, state-side, I’m sure the timing of this verdict, two days before our national mid-term elections, was just a “coincidence.” Asked at a news conference this morning, where predictably the White House is “trumpeting” the verdict, spokes-hack Tony Snow denied that the U.S. had any role in the timing of the verdict, two days before Americans vote in an election widely viewed as a referendum on Bush’s Iraq policy.

“The idea is preposterous,” he said, “that somehow we’ve been scheming and plotting with the Iraqis.”

LOL. Scheming? This administration? “Preposterous!”

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5 Responses to BFD

  1. WooHoo! We got us a lynching folks! Just like the old days. Southern Justice..Iraqi style. It’s pinata time..just in time for the elections too! All honor and glory to The Flying Spaghetti Monster! RAmen!

    Down with the Cheney of Baghdad. That tyrant. Thank the FSM that we have a loving and devoted leader here, willing to show that compassion that only conservatives have. Praise be!

  2. Passado says:

    Yes, very well orchestrated. Read:
    Bush to Personally Execute Sadam Hussein

  3. Ginny in CO says:


    I’ve been hoping the ‘timing’ will backfire due to the overall violence that will be rehashed by the media as well as how much they have prepared for and breaks out as a result of the verdict.

    The last thing the Bush stooges* should be doing this close to voting is reminding people of the mess over there.

    Unfortunately, the MSM is not likely to also remind the audience of the Johns Hopkins’ scientific estimate that the number of Iraqis who have died is roughly 655,000. Oh, regarding Bush’s comment the day after that was released – that the methodology was not reliable. Not only is it highly reliable – used for massive deaths in many third world countries where they don’t have anywhere near 90% with death certificates – the US teaches it to NGO’s that we train for service in those countries. 🙄

    *Apologies to Larry, Moe and Curly

  4. Javelin says:

    This from SnowJob who earlier accused a reporter of “smoking rope”. This time around the voters of the United States KNOWS who’s been smoking the rope and hitting the koolaid heavy. We were hoping for a tidal wave; in retrospect it occurs to me the GOP is going to be undone by a consistant smashing of regular (but consistent) wave after wave of FoleyGate, Iraq, Haggard, the national assessment of intelligence, etc. If indeed we turn a lot more BLUE tomorrow, it will be a reassuring sign to me that eventually lies wear thin and the American people cannot be decieved forever.

  5. piglet says:

    It is remarkable that Saddam has been sentenced for a crime he committed in 1982, at a time when the USA was more than eager to provide support to Saddam Hussein’s regime and was complicit in some of his crimes. As usual, this fact has not even been mentioned by our amnesiac media. Donald Rumsfeld, the incarnation of this administration’s moral bankruptcy, went to Baghdad shaking hands with Saddam, on December 20, 1983 (

    At that time, Rumsfeld knew that Saddam was a dangerous dictator (contrary to 2003, when he wasn’t dangerous any more). He knew about the 1982 massacre that has now been recognized as a “crime against humanity”. Donald Rumsfeld knew that Saddam had ordered the use of chemical weapons against Iran in breach of the Geneva conventions (contrary to 2003, when Rumsfeld knew exactly that there were no chemical weapons). And he went to Baghdad in 1983, shaking hands with Saddam Hussein, offering him the support of the United States. That’s the story that will be told in the history book.