Depeche Mode: “John The Revelator”

Here’s a little something for you to think about before you go and vote tomorrow.

Depeche Mode: “John The Revelator”

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8 Responses to Depeche Mode: “John The Revelator”

  1. Well Donnie

    There’s something to think about!

  2. Down with John the Revelator! What we need now is a spray called “False prophet be gone” to disinfect this country. Tomorrow we start the decontamination process.

  3. Javelin says:

    Well, someone can always put something to Depeche’s “Master and Servant” for Haggard as an encore…………

  4. Buzz says:

    This video is very scary but true! Bush has gone on record as saying that he is President because of God’s will! Gosh, and I always thought he was President because Florida’s Katherine Harris blocked the counting of votes in 2000. When asked if he consulted his father, King George I, before his pre-emptive invasion of Iraq he replied,”No I consulted a higher Father.” Then far be it for us, mere mortals, to question Iraq policy. This President has a direct hot line to God. He has absolutely no respect for the other two branches. (legislative and judicial) He has dubbed himself as the “decider”. A title I guess he justly deserves, as his policy decisions come from God. Doesn’t anyone find this scary but me? The theory of the Devine Right of Kings was suppose to have ended when we defeated the original King George in the Revolutionary War. However, our current emperor has restored it, and in so doing has turned American democracy into a form of government more closely resembling a theocracy. Could President Bush possibly be the “anti-Christ” predicted in the Bible. Although a Christian, I am thankfully I’m not a “born again” variety. (I have only one belly-button) This administrations constant justification that their actions are based on the word of God should disturb us. Don’t forget the militant Islams are wageing “Jahad” on the infidels (us), because their God directed them to do so. Perhaps we are reverting to the religious wars of midevil times. Maybe we should suggest that the Iraq Conflict be referred to as, “The War of the Roses II.”

  5. oledawg says:

    Having read your blog, thoughtfully dedicated to me, (I had never heard of Depeche Mode) so researched the name on Wikipedia:

    There I discovered they were a studio band of some substance (they can carry a tune with a LOT of help from sound technicans).

    I found little else at Wikipedia except for a cross-reference to the ‘Parable of the Talents'(relevance of 1.2%) that included a fair to middling commentary on same.

    However, I do not understand the reason for the Wikipedia cross-reference except for possible confusion over the apostasy contained in Depeche Mode’s work, which when coupled with the referencer’s ignorance of Biblical terms, mistakenly referred them because of their ‘talent’ or lack thereof.

    I then read the above comment by Javelin, your synchopant (who may or may not know he could be an apostate like Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore), who said:

    “Could President Bush possibly be the “anti-Christ” predicted in the Bible. Although a Christian, I am thankfully I’m not a “born again” variety. (I have only one belly-button)”

    I would suggest to Javelin that perhaps he has somehow taken the wrong fork (or gate) in the road.

    I must again quote the indomitable Yogi Berra, who said “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.”.
    ISBN 0-7868-6775-2; (May 2001) When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It! Inspiration and Wisdom from One of Baseball’s Greatest Heroes

    By the wrong fork (or in the parable, the gate) in the road, see Matthew 7:13-23 below:

    Unfortunately, Javelin has displayed a woeful lack of spiritual knowledge that is all too prevalent in contemporary Christian faith (suggesting influence by Haggard and others of his ilk).

    If Javelin bothered to read the lesson contained therein, he would get my drift, but I doubt if anyone else here would take the time.

    By the way, Javelin, I just checked and discovered that I too have only one belly-button. Please let me know if anyone you know of has more than one.

    While on the subject, the “anti-Christ” reference has to be taken as a ‘badly delivered joke’ on par with Kerry’s most recent flub.

    Also, sorry to nitpick, but could I suggest that you use a spell and syntax checker?

    I really stumble when I run across ‘Devine’ (a town just south of San Antonio?), ‘wageing’ “Jahad”’, ‘midevil’ and many other discrepancies that would cause an elementary school teacher to cringe.

    FYI, John the Revelator met his Creator 2000 years ago, so you’re too late for that event.

    Lastly, Pamela’s platitude declares her lack of interest in this subject altogether, but perhaps she is under a lot of stress and finds it necessary to resort to writers with a marked lack of basic writing skills.

    Again, I apologize for again being long-winded, and if Pamela doesn’t boot me, I guess, like Arnold famously stated, “I’ll be back”.

  6. OleDawg

    What’s up with the proselytizing?

    “Pamela” is very busy this week – I happen to run both a blog and business and it’s my busy season. 🙂

  7. oledawg says:


    First, concerning my monumental blunder:
    I just now realized my mistake and I profoundly regret any implication that Javelin had any part whatsoever in this matter.

    Donnie brought up the subject and unfortunately, in answering him I mistakenly pasted Javelin’s name instead that of commenter Buzz.

    My tone would have been moderated considerably if I were replying to commenter Buzz instead of member Javelin.

    I humbly and publicly offer my sincere apologies to both parties for my stupid and careless blunder.

    Second, my ‘proselytizing’:
    I had no previous knowledge of Depeche Mode: “John The Revelator” or even the content of the video. My knowledge of the Apostle John is just that, not as “The Revelator”.

    I would have not even played the video except that I noticed the ‘dedication’ to me by Donnie in the right column on a preceding page of your blog.

    Actually, the face in the picture was so grossly distorted that I thought it was a parody of the now-disgraced pastor Haggard, somewhat similar to the photo of him in the column on the left side of this page, not that of Bush.

    Upon viewing the video it was immediately obvious that Bush and his Christian affiliation was the focus of the parody.

    After I viewed the video, I had no choice but to respond.

    I certainly did not intend to proselytize, which in my dictionary is “to try to convert a person”.

    I was zealously trying to make a point, but I can understand how someone could have the opinion that I may have been guilty of doing so.

    I did not bring up the subject and I should have the right to answer an attack made against me by the ‘dedicating’ statement made by your writer Donnie McDaniel.

    If I may, I will gladly make necessary corrections, or if that is not feasible, by someone there who could edit my comments.

    I will not make any other comments until you personally give me a ruling concerning this matter.

    My sincere apologies to you and your staff (that is, except Donnie),


  8. OleDawg

    Lighten up, I know it looks going to be a rough night for the red koolaid drinkers.

    I’d be happy to edit your comment for you – the response to Javelin was actually a response to Buzz? If that is correct, I can fix that.