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NYT: Even Gains for Democrats May Feel Like Failure:

Adam Nagourney writes this morning: “In most midterm elections, an out-of-power party picking up, say, 14 seats in the House and five seats in the Senate could call it a pretty good night. But for Democrats in 2006, that showing would mean coming up one seat shy of taking control of both the Senate and the House. And it would probably be branded a loss – in the case of the House, a big one.

Some Democrats worry that those forecasts, accurate or not, may be setting the stage for a demoralizing election night, and one with lasting ramifications, sapping the party’?s spirit and energy heading into the 2008 presidential election cycle. Says Charlie Cook of the Cook Political report: “I think you’d see a Jim Jones situation – it would be a mass suicide.”

Good grief. I can see the Three Stooges on NBC tonight, taking their cues from this:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Tom Brokaw, the Democrats have picked up 20 seats and control of the House, but isn’t this really way below expectations?

I think so Brian, if you look [garbled], and the way the race should have been [garbled] a definite Republican victory and victory for the president.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Turning to our political expert Tim Russert, Tim I see you’ve got your high-tech markers and white board out…

RUSSERT & BROKAW: yuk, yuk, great penmanship, yuk, yuk….

WILLIAMS: But Tim, since the Democrats only took the Senate back by one seat, and the House by only a few seats, isn’t this really a victory for the much vaunted Republican 72 hour get out the vote apparatus?

TIM RUSSERT: Brian, if you look at the states that were [scribble] supposed to go Democratic, and the thin margins that the Democrats did win [scribble scribble] it looks like this has been a very good night for Karl Rove and the Republicans.

It’s gonna be a long night, folks. Take it all with a grain of salt.

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