Mission Accomplished

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So here’s where we are as of 11am edt or so:

Democrats Seize Control of House; Senate Hangs on Virginia and Montana:

By early morning the Democrats had picked up 27 seats, with the final projection set between 32 and 35 total gains. In both undecided Senate races, the Democrats lead by razor thin margins.

That’s relatively good news, and much better than when I went to bed…both Burns and Allen [snicker] were leading around midnight when I pulled the plug, but apparently are now down as Virginia heads to a recount and Montana, well…Montana. WTF is taking so long to count the votes there? Do people actually live there or something?

I predicted 40 House seats and 7 senate, so it doesn’t look like I’m going to be that far off the mark. And it’s a huge day, not just for Dems, but for women. The first woman Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, set to break ground. My wife said last night, of Pelosi, “she’s got balls underneath that suit.” Just wait till she starts wielding that gavel.

The media coverage, of course, was its usual silliness and bloviation. I really enjoyed Keith Olbermann and Chris Mathews’ coverage on MSNBC. Much preferable to the Three Stooges at NBC (when I could watch them), where Williams, Brokaw and Russert kept saying “sure, it’s a big night for Democrats, but they better watch it: they will have to govern from the center or they’re dead in ’08,” and various incarnations of that all night.

What bunk. They can do whatever the hell they want to do, and payback, my friend, is a dish best served cold.

I don’t think they will launch any investigations…yet. They’ll reach across the aisle and try and work with the Doofus-in-Chief. But it will be short lived, is my prediction.

I’ll be interested to see what Bush says this afternoon, but I’m guessing the chances of him “moving to the center” are about as likely as hell freezing over. He’ll offer various platitudes today, then by tomorrow it will be “full steam ahead.”

Right into the ash heap of history.

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One Response to Mission Accomplished

  1. Ginny Cotts says:


    Saw a news clip on the Montana count. The guy caught it and admitted the error. They use scanned paper ballots and something wasn’t right in the way it was started so the only thing to do was cancel it out and start over.

    I realy feel for the vote counters. They have been months getting ready for this and those of us who worked campaigns, the polls, etc. can collapse now. They have to keep going until the votes are counted, including provisional and absentee ballots.

    Yesterday was brutal. I left a 6 and got home at 9:15. A wonderful experience that I hope to continue. Next time I’d like to be involved in the preparation and training.
    The Election Judge information packets are not written as they should be which leads to the potential for errors being higher – not because of the lack of effort or honesty by the judges. We were fortunate to have an exceptional poll watcher who was very bright and very cooperative. He helped in many ways and, turns out was a Democrat.

    At least the victory is substantial. Denver will be a problem as well as a few other areas but this time, Rove’s tactics were not enough. Which should be a big argument for those who cling to apathy as an excuse not to get involved or vote.