The Mandate of 2006

Does everyone here remember (and I am sure you do) that after the election in 2004, Bush declared he had a “Mandate” and some “political capital” he intended to use? That was after winning the election by a whopping 55,000 votes in the state of Ohio.

I wonder if Bush realizes that the election of 2006 is a REAL mandate. The display of policies and products of this administration and the ilk that supports them have been flat-out refuted by a large majority of the American public.

Mr. President, et al………………….. You are about to feel a mandate of equal proportions as this country purges your ideology and all the horrible characteristics you have brought into this country. It is a great day for the average American.

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2 Responses to The Mandate of 2006

  1. battlebob says:

    The only mandate Dumbya ever had was a double date with Dick and Karl. Poor Laura. She is out out in the cold again.

  2. J. Needleman says:

    On CNN, C-Span, Fox and in the usual bait-and-switch realm of the Limbaugh blog, there has been a lot of preaching about how Democrats shouldn’t see this as a mandate — that “mid-term elections are simply about bitterness and revenge.” What then follows is condescending and disingenuous advice to Dems to avoid seeking exploit or abuse their power.

    Two common-sense responses:

    1. Where was this mid-term restraint during the reign of Gingrich’s vicious and self-important congress, and why would the same commentators applaud his shell-game against voters called the “Contract with America” (suggesting that a conservative extremist agenda, not balancing Clinton’s presidency, was the only thing on voters’ minds)?

    2. I hate to break it to you, Fox, et al., but your people lost despite the right-wing press, rezoning and voting fraud! If anyone should be lowering their voices and reexamining their position, it’s you. If anyone should asking for advice, it’s you — Repubs — from us!