Vilsack to Announce Presidential Bid for ’08

As already reported here, it looks like Tom Vilsack will be the first Dem to throw his hat in 2008 Presidential ring.

Charlie Neibergall / AP

I remember hearing him at Take Back America 2006 in June; I really liked what he said but he came across as a little “blah”. He definitely brings a lot to the table for the Democratic party, and as Governor of Iowa he definitely has a built-in advantage in a primary run. I also wonder if the floodgates will start opening now with candidates announcing their intentions (now that the ice has been broken).

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15 Responses to Vilsack to Announce Presidential Bid for ’08

  1. Ginny Cotts says:

    Having been a part of Vilsack’s Heartland PAC, I agree he brings a lot to the table – specifically the input of Americans.

    A strong field of candidates should help us – especially if they can concentrate on what they offer rather than what their opponents are guilty of.

    Somehow I would like to get a message to all the hopefuls that we want a clean campaign, without a whiff of backstabbing.

  2. ifkeditor says:

    Speaking of ’08…Would love to know what the Kerry team is advising at this point…

    He really needs to emerge in some positive way after the Dems sidelined him to even be considered…he difinitely needs to poke fun at himself…maybe on SNL or something…if he can take it over the top and defuse the ridiculousness of the joke gone wrong momment that might get people past it.

    The Press sure seems determined to rule him out now, but we’ve all seen that before.

    But he does need to do something to lesson the blow.

  3. Indie Liberal says:


    I am curious to find out what the Kerry team has in store as well. I too think he needs to go on some talk shows, and/or do talk radio again to lesson the blow.

    Though people like Al Franken have said that now Vilsack is running, Kerry won’t, Kerry should not be in a rush to decide. He should wait until Spring 2007.

    If we saw what happened to him last week, this proves that the 07,08 primaries/election is shaping up to be more vicious than 03,04.

  4. Marjorie G says:

    I think that most thought 2004 unwinnable, but due to Kerry himself, and the grassroots, we gave them a run for it. Although also the disenfranchisement and level of attack on Kerry and warping of the Iraq issue, plus the fear thing.

    The looking towards 2208 accounted for tepid support of Kerry from within, and watching his back, that continues to now.

    I did not like the dismissive smack-down by Larry King yesterday, of all people, by saying He’s Out, and Maher agreeing. Although Bill did say he’d make a good president. Quoting Alec Baldwin, who said people on that level need to avoid the potholes (forget the word). As if this was an obvious mistake.

    Larry King has had multiplr chances to rehabilitate from more than omitting “us.”

    The smear campaign had to comb and twist about leaving out “us.” Bet neither knew the specifics.

    And no one knows what he accomplished for the Dems, and how great his delivery and speeches.

    I’m on a circular firing squad, but do like the piece Ginny posted from yesterday. Really good. Most Americans don’t know how much the Dem Congress has put up with, and wouldn’t understand stalemate without a great deal of cooperation on our parts.

    Although the ability to recount in 2004 was very uphill, given media reluctance, Ohio politics, and more, I always felt the DNC reluctance was strategic about 2008 and other choices.

  5. Marjorie writes: “The looking towards 2208…”

    LOL. I know that was a typo, but hilarious. The Senator would be, what, 262 years old ;>

    I agree with you and IFK editor. Kerry needs to do something humorous..SNL, Daily Show, Colbert, Letterman, something to let people know yeah, it was flub, I’m over it, and you should be as well.

    Maher was kind of dismissive last night, but he’s always said, about the “elitist” rap against Kerry, that “I want my president to be an elitist. I want my president to be smarter than me, stronger than me, better cultured than me.”

  6. Marjorie G says:

    Todd, somehow I think he’ll still be at it in 2208.

    I am just uncomfirtable with the critism having to prove he’s funny. He’s irony and wit.

    People don’t know him.

    I just want to have left that it was no big deal, deliberate GOP smear, and not meant to disparage the troops.

  7. It appears the team is keeping quiet at the moment. Remember the flying under the radar MO always works best.

  8. pen says:

    I hope Kerry has something up his sleeve. Since when does AL Franken know anything about what’s going on with Kerry? Everyone has been saying vilsak was going to run so it’s no surprise.

    Although I think Vilsak was abet tacky in announcing it 2 days after the 06 elections.

    I heard a Des Moines reporter on hardball say Kerry was finished. people of Iowa weren’t going to give him another chance. The msm has already started phase 2 in knock John Kerry out for good. Basically this was telling folks he can’t win Iowa so don’t give him the money. The media is so snakeish makes one miss Ed Bradley even more.

    Larry king is a shrill and non news person if I ever saw one but folks watch his show.

    Hill and edwards will have the hollywood camp for sure.

    I don’t like the dismissive tone they are all taking with Kerry and if he doesn’t do something it may stick.

    Poking fun at this but staying presidential and not doing any more major flubs may diffuse the situation although some may be even more upset about him poking fun at the troops.

    Plus now with all this kissy feely stuff pelosi, reid and bush are doing if Kerry comes out harshly they will sideline him more although I don’t see how much more the Dem leadership and msm can sideline the senator.

    He’s going to have to go around them and go to Iowa. don’t campaign just take a trip. He are to take momma t to Vegas. Nevada is holding one of the first caucus and maybe he should go to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina for a vacation.

    I want him to pound the SOBs in the dirt but I also recognize perception and visual is everything in american politics.

    Perhaps he could go to Iraq and do a blog from there on his visit.

    Get on Oprah for crying out loud I don’t always agree with her but lets face it if you want to get into folks living room go on Oprah. He needs to show more of the human side not the politician side.

    But underneath he needs to be hitting them back hard on capital hill.

    The msm and hillary and other 08 contenders think Kerry is done to. After he set the record straight then he can go back to refining his 08 message.

    You can bet the farm bush will back stab the dems by Thanksgiving.

  9. Indie Liberal says:


    That’s what he and Momma T need to do. Get on Oprah. The people never saw them much (only through media spin) in 04, so this would be a nice time for people to get to know them better.

    I too hope he has something up his sleeve.

  10. Ginny Cotts says:

    I keep going back to the stats. The ususal front runners don’t make it to the last round of primaries, let alone nomination.

    And I don’t get the idea that Kerry can be written off so easily. WTF? We should make them all swear they will MAKE NO VERBAL BLUNDERS DURING THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN THAT THE MSM CREAMS THEM WITH.

    Kerry is a hell of a lot better politician than they give him credit for. Or maybe they know it but won’t acknowledge. Going to the Iran/Contra era – Kerry stumbled on that and BCCI was connected. He earned some long grudges because he went after the Dems as well as the Rethugs.

    Given the investigations into Iraq, Halliburton, Cheney, Libbey, Delay, etc. I think corruption is still going to be an issue in ’08. That record will play well if we can get it out.

  11. Indie Liberal says:


    It’s true the usual front runners don’t make it out of the primaries or finish line and that corruption is going to be an issue for 08 if the word gets out.

    Before all this happen, Kerry was gaining, if not already had momemntum going into the last week of campaigning and beyond. The incident was more a setback, but at times, it feels like a blow to the head. There was every “Kerry considering an 08 run” article written out there, some with or without snark.

    Now there are stories and views that “Kerry is TOAST!, finished, done, no one will give him another chance for 08” talk.

    Granted the pundits never liked Kerry, we are just wondering if there is any way he can get the momentum back. The media is clearly trying to take him out. There are people that just won’t let this joke thing die, yet ignore all the misspeaks that others including Bush have committed.

    I am still in favor of late night (i.e. blooper segment on Letterman), talk shows (i.e. Oprah), traveling to early primary states (Iowa, Nevada, SC, etc.), Veterans Day work. Anything that will humanize him (and Momma T) anyway possible.

  12. pen says:

    Look, I don’t think Kerry is finished. From what I read many in the grassroots was glad he laid a smackdown on bush, snow and rush.

    He said he wasn’t going to apologize then he did and that dissappointed folks.

    I understand the apology if you thought the troops were offended thankjs to the way the msm and whitehouse spun this.

    The fact that Lieberman and hillary and tester all piled on made it a hell of a lot more lethal and I’m sorry but they can’t get away with that.

    But the fact is there are many that still don’t know all of what Kerry has done and if the msm, and the dems won’t tell the truth he has to get the info out there other ways.

    TRaveling to these areas and eating where the average joe eats is not to be underestimated. After all folks loved the fact that bill clinton ate at Mickey D’s just like them. Now granted he paid for it later but still the perception was he understood what we like.

    Now I hope and pray this country is ready for a real man to be president in 08. A man whose smart, tough, decent and honest. JK fits the bill better than the rest but not enough people are seeing that.

    E. Edwards trashed him and momma T in her book talking about how they lived and stuff and you know Edwards and the clintons will drive this one to the ground.

    Kerry is on his own now, he can’t trust one damn dem on capital hill to have his back like he has had theirs.

    He took it on the chin once again for the team over this fiasco when some of the backstabbed him. He can’t afford to give the dem party anymore cover.

    Let them dems defend themselves from the future bush, rove and GOP attacks. Kerry needs to go his own way.

    Now I do agree a positive message is what willmost likely win 08. But it can’t be a laundry list just a few themes.

    Kerry has to come back now not later rather he runs or not he needs to come back swinging.

    By the way he is going to have to get a new theme song since Pelosi and Reid and Schumer hijacked “Beautiful Day”

    I say U2’s “One” would be the perfect song for him.

  13. Indie Liberal says:


    Sounds good. 🙂 I too think that he will bounce back. People are beginnning to see the Clintonistas for who they are after Carville’s dissing on Dean and his 50 state strategy, which Kerry supports also.

  14. Indie Liberal says:

    And I hope he holds on to the AA vote (some call it the swing vote) cause the Clintonistas, and Edwards are going to try to use that to their advantage also.

  15. pen says:

    Indie- the clintons have clout with black folks but I wonder about Edwards. Although with his campaign for the poor he has forgotten one thing. All us poor folk want to be rich or at least well to do enough to pay the rent, car note and shop. 🙂

    I know a lot of folks didn’t like what the clintons did at Mrs. King funeral. That rubbed a raw nerve. It showed both clintons at their worst and being on stage with bush and laura didn’t help matters.

    Hopefully bill will keep hanging with poppy bush because even blacks that like bill hate him hanging around with the bushes.