Dean’s Next Priority: New York or Denver in ’08

Howard Dean told reporters on Wednesday his next priority is choosing the host city for the 2008 Democratic National Convention. The decision was sidelined in the last weeks of racing to the November 7th election finish. The DNC is negotiating with New York and Denver. According to a Denver Post article I missed Thursday, Dean is hoping to make the decision in early December.

The party chairman noted that Democrats “had a great night in Colorado” and expressed his happiness over the party’s Western wins Tuesday.

“I’m very pleased with what we did in the West,” Dean said.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who won re-election Tuesday and was in Washington on Wednesday, said he favors holding the convention in Denver because it would signal to Western states that Democrats recognize the region is “a bastion and a beacon of the Democratic Party.”

Mike Stratton, a Denver Democratic Party strategist and adviser to Richardson, said Democrat Bill Ritter’s win in the Colorado governor’s race was an important plus for Denver in its bid for the convention.

This post may turn irrational or emotional – since I live 5 blocks from the Denver City border. About a 15 minute drive to the Convention Center. I do think there are three strikes against NYC:

-The Republicans were just there in ’04.

– It’s very expensive. Liberals are NOT wealthy.

– The Democrats need to counter the bicoastal, elite image the GOP has smeared on it.

There are good reasons to choose Denver.

-The center of the ’06 mountain and midwest wave of red to blue, we increased control of the state house and added the Governor’s seat.

– A beautiful site on the plains with the Rocky Mountains in full majestic view. The Platte River Trail, near the Convention Center, is the local place to walk.

John Hickenlooper is a very successful and popular Democratic mayor.

-There’s lots of golf courses, microbrewerys (including the mayor’s) and Cabellas is opening a new store in nearby Golden this spring. 😉

The Denver Post political cartoonist, Mike Keefe would do his sterling work.

-I would be thrilled to host as many Dem Daily visitors as can fit in my little house.

-Denver is the birthplace of a very special person, who will be celebrating his birthday soon. 8)

According to Stratton, we just need to find the money to host it. Wasn’t this sort of gig why we built the Convention Center? One more thing, Dr. Dean, please remember to schedule it later in the summer than the ’04 convention was.

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12 Responses to Dean’s Next Priority: New York or Denver in ’08

  1. Teresa says:

    Ha ha, Ginny! great post. Your 3 reasons against NYC are excellent.

    It’s going to land here.

  2. Matt says:


    The Democratic Convention has long been set for the week of August 25, 2008, much later than in 2004. Also, if held in Denver, it will be at the Pepsi Center, not at the Convention Center. Check out my blog for the latest news on the convention: 2008 Democratic Convention Watch. Matt

  3. Ginny Cotts says:


    Thanks for the info and link. I guess with all the controversy about the Hyatt, the Convention Center, and the Union issues, the actual location going to the Can went by unnoticed.

    But that brings up another point I didn’t think of in the wee hours (just because you can’t sleep doesn’t mean you are awake enough to think). Six Flags over Elitch’s is right next to the Can. Then there’s the one I love, Water World. 30 minutes max from downtown Denver.

    Well the logistics do make a difference. I sure hope the Denver community can bring it together. Besides, I got the impression during the RNC, NYC was not real thrilled about the nuisance issues – traffic, security, etc.

  4. mbk says:

    Denver would be great , for all the reasons you’ve pointed out, Ginny. Fingers crossed!!

  5. Teresa says:

    I also think the country would be delighted to leave any reminders of 9/11 behind. I know I would.

    Look to the future which is what the west represents.

  6. Dotti Janiak says:

    “Go west young wo/man, go west!”

    Ginny. I’m with you and love all your reasons in favor of the “Mile High City.” Let’s see, I’m in Albuquerque. I-25 North to Denver = 457 miles. Approx 7 hours. I’ll take it. Crossing my fingers too.

  7. Dotti Janiak says:


    Thanks for the convention info and your blog link. I really enjoyed reading all the posts. Great work. Dotti

  8. battlebob says:

    I would rather not have the convention in the Clintons’ back yard.
    Move it to the West or even St. Louis or Minneapolis. Denver is fine with me.

  9. battlebob says:

    Kerry had a money problem because matching funds are not given to the candidate until the candidate is declared and nominated by the party. This is usually done at the convention.
    Kerry was going to declare early but the press and political pundits ripped him a new one for even suggesting declaring before the convention. So he waited until the Dem convention.
    In 2004, Kerry couldn’t get matching funds until the convention which was also late in August. As a result, the campaign did not have enough funds to fight the smear vet campaign.
    The problem is the Olympics.
    In 2004, they were between conventions. The Repubs were before; the Dems after.
    As a result, the Repubs had most of the month to slam Kerry without a response as the Dems lacked the funds for advertising. Add a conservitive press and Kerry had a bad month.
    I hope this doesn’t happen again.
    So the questions are:
    When is the Repub convention?
    When are the Olympics?
    Will the same thing happen again?

  10. Matt says:

    Ginny – I didn’t know the Pepsi Center was called the Can. Is that common?

    As for Six Flags, at one time they were concerned they might have to close it down for security or logisitical reasons during the convention. This would be a good thing to keep an eye on if Denver gets the convention.


  11. Matt says:


    You’ve actually got the Kerry thing backwards. He actually wanted to delay officially accepting the nomination (which was in Mid-July), so he could continue to use his primary funds, which he was able to continue raising. Once he accepted the nomination, he would only be able to use the matching funds, and they would have to last him 3 1/2 months, as opposed to the GOP which only had to spread them over 2 1/2 months.

    Because of this Dean very smartly preemptively chose a late date for the convention of late August, right after the Olympics. The GOP is going the following week, but the money issue is now a wash. Also, its very likely that the 2008 presidential candidates will forgo even the general election matching funds (like Kerry and Bush did in the primaries in 2004). This will allow both candidates to raise/spend unlimited amounts of money, which will cause the 2008 election to be like no other.

    I wrote a post on this back in April:

    Check it out, as well some of the other posts I link to there about how the money issue drove the late convention dates. – Matt

  12. Ginny Cotts says:


    Thanks for clarifying the money issue – when we try to explain the problems Kerry had in responding to the SBVT in August, it will be great to have a source to link to. Since the post was sort of tongue in cheek to begin with, I hadn’t checked if the date had been set. It would be necessary for any cities wanting to put in a bid. Just like the Olympics, which I had forgotten was in between that summer. Interesting how the advance planning now makes it tougher to anticipate what the financial needs will be.

    I noted a comment on that post about the GOP convention being during the first week of back to school absorption. I suspect there will be many that are also the week of 8/28 – Jeffco at least starts a week before that and it is still hectic the second week. What may be more of an issue is Labor Day weekend.

    ‘The Can’ is not common, but it is hanging on. Probably most favored by those of us that think public money is better used for something other than lining the pockets of wealthy team owners, professional sports jocks and big name companies who get free advertising for decades after making a nominal contribution to the construction.

    And I’m a Pepsi drinker!

    I wonder if Elitch’s would fork over some money for security to stay open.