How to End the War in Iraq

EDITOR’S NOTE: As Bush spent the day with members of the bi-partisan Iraq Study Group “examining a new approach to the war in Iraq,” today’s Guest Post is from Dem Daily reader Sam Osborne.

How to end the war in Iraq—peace without need of victory

A war with a “foreign devil” may serve the purposes of a leader that desires to control the thinking of his people, but a bogus threat to their security does not assist that people in their effort to find a better way for themselves and the neighbors with whom they must live.

“They hate us and want to destroy our way of life” is not uttered to encourage a brave consideration of the successful sharing of our planet with others. It is propaganda set to inflame the emotions and block a wider search for a better course. And the media-merchants of division, in greedy grasp for notoriety and larger fortune, will even stoop to destructively charge that an American that questions is guilty of hating his or her own land.

Regardless, with courage and in love of what America stands for and with the resolve of the founders, we can see through this dank and distorting fog of words and find our better way and joint with all people of good will in stamping out terrorism and the things that foster its birth. To this end I suggest that we turn the larger responsibility for the Iraqi problem over to the people that face it most directly, the Arab world, and Iraq’s closest and most interested neighbors.

Let us request that one of the democracies in the region, it could even be Iran, call a summit of their neighbors and take charge of establishing a peace in Iraq that allows these beleaguered people to find enough security to pursue their own special way of life.

By turning the problem over to those most directly affected, WE-THE-PEOPLE free ourselves from this quagmire and can directly focus our intellect and energy on the unending Constitutional tasks to, “establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” In vigorous pursuit of these, we will be seen by the world for what we really are: a good neighbor that uses its incredible power and sense of justice to encourage and assist others in doing the same.

This problem is rooted in the old Geopolitics of exploitation within spheres of influence and a neo version of the same only makes things worse. We do not need to find a way to peace, peace is the way. And peace is not an inactive way, anymore than love is just the absence of hate—love is a powerful engulfing force that generates more of the same.

Were we to have as much courage in pursuing peace as we do in having others die for us in war, and if we committed as many material resources in its behest as we have in the destruction of differing others, we make peace quicker than it can ever be found in a war that somehow at its end must fortuitously stumble into it.

Yes, protect ourselves we must and we will, but to shoot first and ask questions later is no protection. It is the assassination of all that makes life worthwhile in the first place.

We claim that WE-THE-PEOPLE are capable of government of us, by us and for us. There has not been anything in the drinking water in North America that has made only the people of this continent special in this regard. We are special because we know that humans are special and are endowed by their Creator with an inalienable virtue that must be respected by us all.

Sam Osborne

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4 Responses to How to End the War in Iraq

  1. Sam

    Absolutely wonderful and well said. Thank you for sharing this. Why peope can’t see that the truth through the trees is beyond me.

  2. battlebob says:

    This has been Kerry’s position all along. Some of the neighboring countries are stepping up.
    In Andar province, local militias are fighting the terrorists because they don’t want the evil doers either.
    Killing Zarqawi was a joint effort between US, local Iraqs and Syria intellegence as Syria doesn’t want radical Islamists next door either.
    The thing that surprises me the most is Turkey is starting to have positive dialog with the Iraq Kurds. I thought this would never happen because the last thing Turkey needs is to wake up their own Kurdish population.

    Those that say there is no incentive to cooperate are wrong. The area doesn’t want to see instability continue. It won’t take much of a push to get the ball started. Just a little respect and concern will get it started because all the neighbors want a stable Iraq.
    Too bad Dumbya can’t see the ovbious and only way out. He is blocking the only possible exit strategy. Get the neighbors involved, we pledge to fund rebuilding, we stop building the 14 military bases and the green-zone Embassy.
    Our troops are gradually replaced with Muslim troops.
    We encourage Maliki to speak out against us as his government much show it is not a US pawn. Once the local population respects their own government, progress will be made.

    We send our troops elsewhere nearby. How about Afgan? How about a nice resort somewhere; they sure deserve it.

  3. battlebob says:

    Here is a great article from someone familiar with Iraq.

    If we stay the course, we know where we’re heading – oblivion. If we withdraw without a plan, we know where we’re heading – horrific, bloody civil war. But if we have a plan to split the warring parties up, stabilize the different parts of Iraq (or what used to be known as Iraq), and then withdraw in a timely manner and assure all the regional powers and ethnic concerns that we will not be occupying Iraq – then the tactic of redeployment makes sense within the context of our broader goals.

  4. Ginny Cotts says:

    Excellent Sam, Thanks.

    I would like to emphasize:

    “This problem is rooted in the old Geopolitics of exploitation within spheres of influence and a neo version of the same only makes things worse.”

    The PNAC version of this is truly out of Constitutional bounds and certainly not the way most of us view our country as non-interventionist (despite all the history to the contrary).

    The worst expansion of this is taking our military strength and technology into space, claiming it for our own advantage and defense. Sort of like mini Death Stars (ala “Star Wars”) circling the globe. Sure to make other countries feel safe about our superpower status and how vulnerable they are. 🙄