What the hell are they putting in that Koolaid now?

Note: I posted this yesterday on my blog and did not have the time to put it up here before I left to work. This is not a joke! This is an actual post made on a forum by a complete wingnut lunatic. This is what we face people.

What the hell are they putting in that Koolaid now?

Get ready to laugh your ass off! This is really sad, but really says a lot about those that still believe in the Rebublicans and Bush after everything that has happened. Even after the elections and the smack down that was handed out, some people will never get it. This comes from the forum on the website for the local paper. The wingnuts are as rabid as they come on there, and have actually posted a poll for the forum idiot with lefties listed. Among the most deranged on there is someone that goes by the name, Mr. Right, and is anything but! Even that “Thumpin” will not stop this fool from trying to spread the fear. So this is just one sample of this moron spreading another wingnut lunatic’s message.

Thank You Libs!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Right Posted 13 November 2006 02:55 PM
By Herman B. Hayes

This is all your fault, you miserable liberals. You have put America on a very dangerous path with all of your recent interest in voting.

We Republicans know that all is not lost for us, and we will do fine. You Democrats follow fads like mice follow cheese, and soon the fad of voting will be over with. Soon you will all forget about having your voices heard, and go back to watching gays on television making houses look like homosexual sodomy nests. I am not sure that you understand how much danger you have put all of us in, though, in the meanwhile.

I cannot blame Donald Rumsfeld for stepping down. He, even though he is one of the toughest men on Earth, probably does not want to get blown to little bits in his office.

You liberals have opened the door, and the terrorists are walking right through it. They will be sure to wipe their feet, though, on the faces of those that you love. Rumsfeld knows that since the Democrats are in power, no one is safe, especially not the Secretary of Defense. Would you want to keep going to work if you could assume that any morning you could open your office door to find Osama pointing a gun at you while molesting your “executive assistant”?

Go ahead, liberals, celebrate. Just make sure that you hang your Taliban flag off the front porch of your house, so the terrorists know that you are their friend. I, for one, am going to continue to fly my good old American flag. I still love this country, and besides, I own lots and lots of guns. I will never forgive you for putting myself and my family in danger.

I guess now is the point at which I should congratulate you all for winning and try not to wonder too much about just how a group of unorganized, unwashed, and unsaved liberals managed to take control of Congress. I suppose the Republican Party is partly to blame for this, though. They were simply all too tired from governing, foiling terrorist plots, and winning election after election to even realize that you liberals would be able to somehow steal dozens of elections across this country. You know you cheated, I know you cheated and God certainly knows you cheated, but that is a topic for another day. Now I would ask you to raise your glasses and toast to your success. Drink fast, though, because your victory will be a short lived one.

If you put together the names of the top twenty Demon-crats that were voted in by you fools, you can spell the word “terror”. How could you vote for terror? I think you liberals should be locked up and studied, to see why your brains fail to function properly. Is there some kind of different synapse in there? Perhaps one that tells you to do things that are not in what we tell you is your best interest.

You are going to die; you do realize that, right? If the terrorists, your invited guests, don’t kill you, something else that you have caused will. For instance, the Democrats are working on a program of “retroactive abortions” where you could be killed up to forty years after your birth, if people decide that you are unwanted, or if you might get in the way of someone having a good time.

Wait, I have an idea! Why don’t you liberals just combine the two ideas of terrorism and retroactive abortion?

That way you could actually fund the Islmo-aborto-fascists as they go about their evil and disgusting work. Make sure that you have some quotas in place, though, you will need to be sure that you have some gay terrorists on the payroll.

Thank you, Liberal America. Thank you for taking away the sense of safety and security that the Republicans gave me. Thank you for taking away the knowledge that my anus was mine to do with what I please, keeping it tightly clenched. Thank you for destroying everything that I hold dear. Enjoy your two years of power, please. We will be taking over again in 2008, if you animals leave us enough America to reclaim.

For the love of GOD, someone get that guy some meds! It has only been a week, and the Bush Bots are singing the 2006 NEO-CON BLUES.


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4 Responses to What the hell are they putting in that Koolaid now?

  1. Ginny Cotts says:


    That sure looks like it ought to be satire. As a nurse, I can only suggest that keeping his anus tightly clenched for so long may have more to do with his mental problems than the Kool Aid contents.

    Maybe if he starts getting rid of it all over the next two years, his capacity to think will get better. We can hope.

    By the way, I proudly fly my American flag just above one with a dove in flight.

  2. Ginny writes: “That sure looks like it ought to be satire. As a nurse, I can only suggest that keeping his anus tightly clenched for so long may have more to do with his mental problems than the Kool Aid contents.”

    LOL. She shoots, she scooooooooores!

  3. battlebob says:

    I recognize the problem. The patient suffers from a rectal-cranial inversion.
    If the inversion cannot be reversed, then perhaps a window can be installed to allow the patient to see where they are going.

  4. Ginny Cotts says:

    Let’s see, anus tightly clenched + rectal-cranial inversion=

    “After all the c**p I learned at the GOP, it’s a wonder I can think at all…”

    I’m not sure about the window – sounds like something cruel and unusual.