Georgia Returns Two Dems to The House

Georgia officially named incumbent Democratic Representatives, Jim Marshall of Macon and John Barrow of Savannah, as the respective winners of their races on Wednesday. According to a NY Times article,

The incumbents, the only white Democrats in the Georgia delegation, faced an uphill battle because their districts had been redrawn to include more Republicans and their challengers were former congressmen. Democratic turnout in the state was low, and President Bush campaigned twice in each district for the challengers.

Speaking for the Macon winner, Doug Moore quipped,

Mr. Marshall won his race against his Republican challenger, Mac Collins, by more than 1 percent, 1,752 votes. “I know who each and every one of them are, and I’ve sent them all cards,”

In a post this morning on The Stakeholder , jesselee notes another milestone:

It’s official — for the first time since 1922, a party made major gains without losing one seat in their control.

Seems to me the GOP and the media copy machine have the wrong stuff in their pipes. Or they have stopped smoking….

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