Make love, not war. Literally.

Now who would not want to take part in this kind of protest?

Anti-War Activists Plan ‘Global Orgasm For Peace’
Global OrgasmTwo peace activists have planned a massive anti-war demonstration for the first day of winter.

But they don’t want you marching in the streets. They’d much rather you just stay home.

The Global Orgasm for Peace was conceived by Donna Sheehan, 76, and Paul Reffell, 55, whose immodest goal is for everyone in the world to have an orgasm Dec. 22 while focusing on world peace.

“The orgasm gives out an incredible feeling of peace during it and after it,” Reffell said Sunday. “Your mind is like a blank. It’s like a meditative state. And mass meditations have been shown to make a change.”


By promoting what they hope to be a synchronized global orgasm, they hope to get people to channel their sexual energy into something more positive.

The couple said interest appears strong, with 26,000 hits a day to their Web site,

“The dream is to have everyone in the world (take part),” Reffell said. “And if that means laying down your gun for a few
minutes, then hey, all the better.”

You can also check out the GlobalOrgasm Blog. Talk about taking the old slogan “Make love, not war” to a whole new level!!

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10 Responses to Make love, not war. Literally.

  1. That might get some of the fundies’ heads to explode! This is just too funny. Ain’t life great?

  2. battlebob says:

    Now that is my kind of protest.
    It beats being smacked in the head with a club and hauled of to jail.

  3. Battlebob,

    Just think of the new direction we can take with both this and flying naked! Protesting and helping with national security at the same time! And like you say, no head trauma can come of it. Maybe just a lil lack of sleep, but well worth the protest. Oh the fun we could have with this. Besides, Hotair is not happy with it, so that is well worth it!

  4. battlebob says:

    Why didn’t we think of this in the ’60s?
    We coined the ‘make love not war’ phrase.

  5. Marjorie G says:

    What a hoot.

    Life is stressful and competitive enough. Now people will feel they must have an orgasm, or not experience peace.

  6. LOL Battlebob, the couple is older, so your generation did come up with it. Gotta love those older folks from the ’60s!

    Marjorie G, No need for stress hon. If you happen to be taking part that day…well so much for stress. 😆

  7. battlebob says:

    There are some side affects…
    How about:
    POCS: Post Orgasmic Cigerette Smoking.
    It is very hazardous to your health.

    POAC: Pre Orgasmic Alcohol Consumption. Highly recommended as the first step in avoiding combat.

  8. Indie Liberal says:

    Glad I didn’t watch CNN today either. They had him listed as the Turkeys of 2006. What a joke! Just cause he left out a prounoun and it’s bigger than Bush’s lies and Macaca’s racist jokes.

    They never call Bush, even Hillary out on the gaffes they made, but Kerry accidently leaves out a prounoun and he is a turkey for 06!

    What’s worse is that average Americans get their news from the cable networks and they are trying to make people buy into the spin that Kerry isn’t important anymore. 😡

  9. Indie Liberal says:

    Whoops, wrong blog/post. That’s what happens when you type fast. Sorry Donnie. 🙂

  10. Not a prob. Indie. 😉 I gave no thought to it since it is something that needed to be said. Now if it was some wingnut, I would have payed attention to it. 😆