Pentagon Review Sees 3 Options in Iraq

The WaPo reports that the Pentagon review sees 3 options in Iraq:

The Pentagon’s closely guarded review of how to improve the situation in Iraq has outlined three basic options: Send in more troops, shrink the force but stay longer, or pull out, according to senior defense officials.

Insiders have dubbed the options “Go Big,” “Go Long” and “Go Home.” The group conducting the review is likely to recommend a combination of a small, short-term increase in U.S. troops and a long-term commitment to stepped-up training and advising of Iraqi forces, the officials said,

The military’s study, commissioned by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace, comes at a time when escalating violence is causing Iraq policy to be reconsidered by both the White House and the congressionally chartered, bipartisan Iraq Study Group. Pace’s effort will feed into the White House review, but military officials have made it clear they are operating independently.

What about the 4th option, a phased redeployment that SO MANY people have determined to be the best course of action? The last time I checked no other nation kept forces in the original 13 colonies to help us establish democracy, and that in my opinion is why we became a strong nation. I heard the other day that a high ranking military officer has stated that “We want democracy more in Iraq than they do”. This is the prime question, and if the answer is that I am afraid that no amount of soldiers, time, and planning will result in success. There was an unsteady but daily peace in Iraq before we invaded, and Iraq was a dictatorship. Maybe we should have viewed THAT as a warning sign in 2003.

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5 Responses to Pentagon Review Sees 3 Options in Iraq

  1. battlebob says:

    Any plan that does not address Iraq reconstruction is not a real plan.
    We owe the Iraq people the same infrastructure that existed before we wrecked the place.
    We need to fund it and not allow the Halliburton’s or the Bechtel’s to be involved.

  2. bfsid says:

    If this is the best that the Iraq Study Group can recomend, then in my opinion it’s all been a wasted effort.

    More troops might help if their was a definitive purpose. Just throwing more people at the problem solves nothing, and usually creates more problems than it solves.

    A longer stay just means they kill more of our troops, more Iraqi citizens, causes a prolonged period of destruction, and won’t solve the real problems.

    A quick pull-out I don’t believe is the answer either as it would immediatly result in a total collapse of any sense of establishing a working government. In other words, all hell would break loose and it would be a case of kill or be killed!

    Basiclly it is my belief that there are 2 groups of people fighting for the power to control. We, the free nations, support one group and a democracy. The other group is supported by those that do not want a government that is sympathetic to the free world, and especially the United States.

    Establishing a phased withdrawl with a certain time-set date would only tell those that aim to claim Iraq as theirs when it will happen. Not a good idea either as we know who the victor would be.

    In light of today’s news report of a summit of leaders of Iraq, Iran, and Syria, called for by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I believe this type of get together would be most beneficial for John Kerry to attend instead of another Iraq visit. We already know that would be a waste of time and effort, and I don’t believe the visit would bare any fruit as some believe. On the other hand, a visit by John with the leaders of Iraq, Iran, and Syria (and other leaders in the region) would prove to be a GREAT leadership move!

    As the next president of the United States, it would be to John Kerry’s advantage to establish a working relationship with as many world leaders as he can, especially in the Middle East. Let’s face the truth here… all GWB wants to do is blow everybody that disagrees with him off the face of the Earth. That attitude is one of a bully with no room for compromise, compassion, of fore-thought… and nobody likes a bully! John Kerry I believe is someone with quite the opposite nature, and he could possibly bring about some positive results…
    and score some Brownie points at the same time!

    The only real solution for Iraq, their government and ours, is to engage fully every country in the region to come up with a working solution. We should not be there in that country as a conquerer, nor dictator, of what the country of Iraq wants for itself. And we won’t know that until people stop killing just for something to do.

    The citizens of America voted overwhelmingly in favor of a change in our own leadership direction. It is time for the Democrats to show us they can lead. And NOBODY is better qualified, or has more desire, than John Kerry.

    How about it John… show us who you really are, and what you are capeable of doing!

  3. battlebob says:

    Kerry’s had a public plan for a long time that deals with all the issues mentioned.
    Getting the region involved, rebuilding Iraq, getting us out…

    If you missed it, go to his web site: and read it.

  4. sandrakae says:

    We had a draft before and people Like George W Bush and Dick Cheney still managed to avoid going to war. There is no way this country would ever make the draft fair.

  5. battlebob says:

    That is the issue isn’t it?
    If you have exceptions then you don’t have a fair draft.
    The problem now is so few are affected.
    The problem in VN it was so easy to get out of going.
    The only answer is to dust off the Kerry plan and leave.

    Add a little twist.
    Gather up Bush, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz, Rummy…all the neocons who wanted this thing.
    Give them the chance to serve their country.
    Tell the folks who are fighting us.
    You can have these slimeballs once we leave.
    I guarantee you we can be out in a week and we can be rid of what to do with them.