Senator Kerry 5th in Latest Presidential Preference Poll!

CNN recently released the results of their 2008 Democratic Presidential Preference poll.

They reported:

“Clinton was ranked first among 10 potential Democratic candidates.
Second place for “likely” support was nearly even among Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois (15 percent), former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina (14 percent) and former Vice President Al Gore (14 percent), given the poll’s margin of error or plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democratic nominee in 2004, lost support, dropping from 12 percent in late October to 7 percent in the latest poll.

Worse news for Kerry: a majority of registered Democrats say they do not want to see Kerry win the party’s nomination in 2008.”

So what are we to make of this? Should we fold this blog up? Should we go home and post some Hillary bumper-stickers? Or put up a new blog for Barack? These other Democrats are fine Americans. And I may well go on to support them in 2008 if indeed Senator Kerry is not the nominee.

But this blogger is convinced that Senator John Kerry has the ‘right stuff’ to be President! I am not a fair weather blogger, a fair weather activist, or a fair weather American.

Our nation is at a point in its history where our citizens will need to determine which direction we are going. Are we as a nation to continue with a foreign policy that allows for proactive wars on fixed facts? Are we as a nation to allow the compromise of voting, the lack of a paper trail, the suppression of registered voters stripped from voting lists, the implementation of voter I.D. requirements that work to deny the poor and the disadvantaged the right to vote? Shall voting be made entirely provisional?

Does this nation endorse torture? Are secret prisons acceptable? Can evidence obtained under torture and coercion be allowed in a court trial? Can accused individuals see the evidence arrayed against them? Is hearsay allowable in a trial? Does Habeas Corpus matter in America?

And our courts? Does the President have rights and powers above other Americans? Is he above the law? Do we change the laws to accommodate the President or do we require the President to follow the laws?

What about signing statements? Does the President have the right to change the law without a veto just by his signature? Will this Congress provide oversight?

My support of Senator Kerry is about what Senator Kerry stands for. He is the most qualified, the most knowledgeable, and the most courageous candidate for President for this election. There is no question that he is now a dark horse. He is not the front-runner. The odds are indeed long that he shall succeed. But I wouldn’t vote against the junior Senator from Massachusetts.

America needs his leadership. His wisdom. His courage. And yes, his understanding of where America needs to go in this century depends on the right candidate for President. In November, 2004, when I started this blog, I asked the question, “Why Kerry?”. In that first entry I wrote:

“We need a leader with the understanding and capability to lead this nation back onto the right course. This nation cannot tolerate another four or eight more years without the leadership that Kerry can provide.”

This is not about a popularity poll. This is about the future of our country.

Keep on coming John! We have got your back!

Cross posted from John Kerry for President 2008.

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22 Responses to Senator Kerry 5th in Latest Presidential Preference Poll!

  1. Indie Liberal says:

    I noticed out of all the networks (of course Faux and MSNBC are a joke too), CNN is more vicious and nasty to Kerry than the other two even after the “botched” joke.

    It seems like other candidates are polling well because of good press (i.e. Obama) and fluff pieces.

    I know the pundits and network have never liked Kerry, but I am just wondering how can he get positive press from them and maybe MSNBC.

    Instead of people wanting to talk about how Kerry has been right on the issues (i.e. Iraq) the last year and a half, they would rather talk about the joke and 08.

    I think if Kerry decides to run, he needs to go back to the ground game in the primary states like 03 and 04. That may be the bset because it is becoming clear that the media has an agenda and is not his friend.

  2. Indie Liberal says:

    oops, meant “best bet”

  3. mbk says:

    To me, it’s so obvious that Kerry is head and shoulders above everyone else that I always am confused by these polls.I really do think the polls are meaningless at this point. No one knows what they’re talking about ..

    I agree that something is going on with CNN–they really are the most vicious lately, and I don’t get it. I also think the quality of their reporting has gone way down: I wonder what’s going on. Maybe the corporate merger, or the lack of influence of Ted Turner, is having its effect.

    Personally, I think Kerry is going to run, and he’s going to win. He has so much energy and focus and all-around smartness lately, and he’s continued to grow since 2006– and this is on top of his towering over the rest to start with — that I really can’t imagine another scenario. Granted that it’s also my wish, but still.

    The main thing Dems have to do is to get past the ABSURD idea that “losing” (not) nominees can’t run again.There’s a good thread in the DU Kerry forum right now, outlining all the reasons why the “one-strike-and-you’re -out” tradition is completely foolish, especially in the case of John Kerry.

  4. booboo_babies says:

    Do NOT shut down this blog on account of a poll or two! Even if Kerry chooses not to run in 08, or loses in the primaries then, there are still plenty of stories to report on. This blog has always been a good place to turn to for liberal views. If this blog had to go because it was costing too much money or not getting enough “hits”, I would not be happy, but I’d understand. Unless that happens, don’t throw in the towel –

  5. wisteria says:

    I don’t trust this poll result to be accurate or even of much concern. First, we have had the media blitz in full force to get rid of Senator Kerry after the “us” affair.A notable exception was Keith Oberman, who saw all of this for what it was. But, CNN was horrid. (Are they being stronged armed or bribed to behave so nasty?) Gosh, you might of thought the good senator stabbed a soldier in the back and wiped the blood from the knife on an American flag, for all the over hyped attention his innocent flub received. I had my sister contact me-she stays away from politics-and ask me what in the world Senator Kerry said that was so bad that it warranted this kind of attention in the media and from the President of the United States. Good question, huh. Well with all the attention this received and the DC crowd, most speaking anonymously of course, putting in their useless points of view on his campaigning shortcomings and even a high profile Dem willing to shove him off a cliff to get him out of the way, it is not surprising his numbers are down. All of this and the fact, the poll included a total of 580 Democrats and “supposedly” Democratic leaning Independents- no percentages were given for comparisons. Then, consider that no other candidate mentioned has received negative press and some even have been the recipiants of fluff and puff pieces recently in the media, and I ask you, were these poll results a surprise?
    I will not be detered by a bad poll or unfair media bias. I still think Senator Kerry has what it takes to become president and I hold out hope that this can still be accomplished. Anyone who can withstand the type of heated press coverage that Senator Kerry has received and still come out fighting is a true leader in my opinion.

  6. Bryan says:

    There many people stepping forward and stating they would like to be “President”, but few have what it takes or the experience to get the job done. Even fewer can stand above the rest with the broad sense of what being “President” really means.

    Hillary may poll as a favorite among some groups, and she may have the attributes to get nominated, but there is one fundemental flaw… we need a person that would be respected throughout the world, and in the Muslim world, women are second class and not respected in the same manner as a man. Before anyone jumps my case, let me state that it’s just the truth I am stating. We need a “MAN” that is respectable and can get things done in the Middle East, and a woman would have a severe handicap dealing with Muslim leaders.

    Osama Bama just does not have the experience, nor respect, to guide this country, and if elected would have to depend HEAVILY upon advisers (much in the same manner that the current Bush has), and experience has shown that method of leadership is a TOTAL failure!

    Al Gore is a very intelligent person with the experience, the persona, the respect, and would be a great world leader. But he does have the “Clinton Era” still clinging to his shoes like a pile of dog-do, and it will hinder his progress. If any one person could do more than Al Gore could to turn around the economic problems in America, I would really like to know who it is so we could crown him/her “King Banker”.

    I have heard allot of other names coming out of the wood pile, but they are unknowns out of their own close enviroment and would not get far. My guess is they just want to build up their own private camapign fund accounts.

    No to all but John Kerry. He has what it takes to be “President”! It is my opinion that the Democrat that steps forward and makes the leadership decisions nessesary NOW… let me repeat that… N O W … to do what this current president cannot and will not do, will clearly be our next “President”! Even with what the media called a bungled joke held against him by the repugnuts, I say he was only speaking the truth. By the way, somebody put a sock in Rangle’s mouth!

  7. showman says:

    I agree with everything you just said Bryan.

  8. Indie Liberal says:

    Glad I didn’t watch CNN today either.

    They had Kerry listed as one of the Turkeys of 2006. What a joke! Just cause he left out a prounoun and it’s bigger than Bush’s lies, GOP corruption and Macaca’s racist jokes.

    They never call Bush, even Hillary out on the gaffes they made, but Kerry accidently leaves out a prounoun and he is a turkey for 06!

    What’s worse is that average Americans get their news from the cable networks and they are trying to make people buy into the spin that Kerry isn’t important anymore.


  9. Bryan says:

    “What’s worse is that average Americans get their news from the cable networks”

    Perhaps this is why I am just me and not a repeated voice. I live in the sticks… no cable, no satelite dish, dial up service on a phone system that still uses hand-crank phones! The only TV I get is on a stick antenna which gives me 3 major stations and PBS. I love it here!

    I went to a big city recently and stayed in a motel with all the extras, and I watched about 30 minutes of FOX News… that’s all I could stomach!

  10. Indie Liberal says:


    Sounds like a good life with only three channels and PBS. 🙂

  11. Marjorie G says:

    What I’ve been saying all along with being left with what the media leaves standing.

    They don’t want a serious candidate, maybe a Dem, and neither do the public.

    If he claims a spot, I wonder what the media would do.

    I do believe the media is already trying to build Guiliani and McCain.

    To many, having a Clinton is a reassuring thing. I’ve been calling them Hillbilly lately. By both articulately different views, the name Clinton is associated with both.

    The public sees a loser, not at all knowing he’s been doing since ’04, dismissed by all those Dems holding back last time for their turn.

    He still won if not for the funny voting. People may be subconsciously distrustful and mindful of that, despite his not being able to overturn the election.

    A couple of people have told me to tell him he shouldn’t run, because the media will be his. However thoughtful and making a good president. No answer to who they would want.

    No one but JK feels this able to do the job, wants to do it, and feels the win was taken away.

    No one would work harder and be more focused, but I wonder who is in support. The manipulated polls, probably after pronoungate, had a purpose and an effect.

  12. Marjorie G says:

    Sorry, the media “not” with him.

  13. Nick says:

    No one enjoys a Cassandra, or enjoys being one, but seriously folks, how worried should we be that a suposed majority of Democrats don’t want Kerry to be the nominee?

  14. Marjorie G says:

    Just concerned, Nick, if we have to get support from the grassroots, or inside the beltway, I don’t see an overwhelming need for a good candidate, just a new one.

    The AP is posting the Edwards and Obama team, which I don’t really want to comment on, but Edwards almost won, last minute because the Register liked his sunshine.

    I just want his reputation back, at the very least, and support him if he runs, no matter the odds, but have I mentioned lately how much I hate the corporate media.

    And after all those GOP who Bush is better for their business, or policy favoritism.

  15. Ginny Cotts says:

    I think there is a lot of time between now and the primaries.
    The major players are going to be in the news as to what they are doing. Clinton, Edwards, Obama (if he doesn’t fold), Richardson, Clark, Gore and Kerry. JK has the best situation for showing what he can do.

    Hillary is going to start coming back into the media light and she just isn’t that strong. The campaign spending is going to be a problem for a lot of Dems.

    Edwards is doing good stuff but he was never a strong enough candidate for President. For all the garbage about his looks, he is very bright and I like a lot of what he has done on poverty. Possibly a good cabinet person but I’m not even sure of that. Kerry would know.

    Clark and Richardson have some strong areas, I’m not sure either can get enough traction – more likely Richardson because of his broad experience. He’s someone I am beginning to think we should be afraid of. He comes across as being very experienced and plays the good ol sherrif role. Just the sort of candidate Americans like to elect – whether he really has the competence or not. I just don’t see him as having the same intelligence, foreign policy strengths, vision, etc.

    Gore is the great unknown. I think if he really wanted to run, he could do it and he’s the only person besides JK I could support to the hilt.

    I am really surprised at the GOP. They have nothing but trouble in the entire field. Have no idea if someone will be able to save them. I think McCain will get waysided due to age. His VP candidate would have to be someone the voters would be willing to have as President.

    So it is good to hear there are people at DU arguing the stupidity of conventional wisdom on losing candidates running again. I think as Kerry starts getting some solid work done, we can start pushing the ‘Kerry was right’ meme and that losers can run again if they are the Real Deal. That what we really need to think about is what #44 will have on the platter and who can actually deal with it all and very well.

  16. Indie Liberal says:

    Speaking of media, not suprising from Newsweek, Kerry is left out of the Iraq talk.

    In addition to being the Small Business Chair, I wish he was the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Biden’s job).

  17. Indie Liberal says:


    Doesn’t it seem like every time they tell you they don’t want Kerry and you ask them to name someone that fits the bill and they can’t name them or don’t answer your question.

    It’s very intersting.

  18. Marjorie G says:

    I can’t figure out why media wants to ignore him at all costs, and he has been so strong and present on the Iraq issue, since the election.

    Sorry, but as favorable a Richardson has always been to me, his denying Kerry the recount, even if Kerry paid, takes him out for me. Like many others who were self-serving about their chances.

    Governors had to green light the recount, and no wonder that Ohio and Florida were also against.

    Don’t know about Los Alamos, although it was played badly.

  19. Indie Liberal says:

    I still haven’t forgiven him for not allowing a NM recount. This whole media hatred of Kerry is unfortunate beacause he has been one of the most forceful people on Iraq (of course, the haters will still bring up the IWR).

    As I said in a previous post, the media, mainly CNN is going to be a problem if he runs again. That’s why he is going to have to go straight to the ground game, that will be the best bet.

    He is also going to have to mend/repair his reputation from the “botched” joke and perception that he is “error prone” as a campaigner (yet, Bush misspeaks all the time, but who cares :mad:). There are those who think he would (or would have made) make a good president, but a good campaigner, they don’t know.

  20. wisteria says:

    I wouldn’t read this poll as accurate and fair. I also wouldn’t let it discourage anyone. I think that is what CNN has set out to do,discredit Senator Kerry and discourage us and the public from supporting him. This was just a small sampling of people after two weeks of negative coverage over what they damn well know was not meant against the troops.
    I suppose they must be a little disapointed he didn’t poll off the charts after their cruel treatment of him.
    I want to see the othercandidates numbers after CNN has done a smear job on them. None of the others have had bad press and they have benefited from puff and fluff pieces.
    Maybe CNN and some of the other media are negative towards Kerry because they know he wouldn’t put up with their nonsense and would bring real change to Washington. Something that might cost them money and perks.

  21. Ginny Cotts says:


    I think you have a good point there. The comediens are sometimes stupid enough to say they want a president who will provide a lot of joke material. Maybe the press doesn’t want to have to deal with a president who is intelligent, and actually addresses the difficult problems with complex and nuanced solutions.

    Gosh, that makes their job tougher – they have to try to explain this stuff to people they think are too stupid to get it. Mostly because they are not smart enough to figure out how to write about complicated subjects.

    Richardson definitely worries me. He is not that good, not a real team player and just the kind of personality Americans would prefer as president to the distinguished, intelligent Kerry. The American voters have their own version of snobbery when it comes to electing a president.

    When it comes to doctors, they will put up with really bad bedside manners and interpersonal communication as long as they believe the doctor is intelligent enough to save their life. If they have a choice between a doctor that seems really brilliant and one that is bright but not a genius, they will go with the former.

    I personally want a combination of IQ and EQ, which JK has. He just gets his EQ smeared and his IQ ignored by the media. He is too complex for their simplistic approach. I like Bob’s cooment in his post today about Kerry:

    “He may not be able to tell a joke.

    But he can tell the truth.”

  22. pen says:

    I wonder if even ol ted turner can stomach CNN these days. I said it before I think they are worse than Faux and I do believe they have it in for Kerry big time.

    The msm wants Obama and edwards because of charisma factor and then they can chop them up for lack of experience. Hillary of course they want her then they get bill and his women, and the scandals that weren’t addressed the last go around 24/7.

    Richardson, I’d die and go to hell before I’d vote for him after the 04 NM recount debacle. Why hasn’t more folks pointed this out other than the web.

    Indie- you have a point when folks are asked if they won’t vote for Kerry who would they vote for or can do the job they draw a blank.

    Is it fear of the swift boat bashing again?
    Is it that he can’t win?

    I don’t know but I do know Kerry’s the best one out there to be president and if he doesn’t run in 08 I will sit that election out.

    I can’t see ever voting for Richardson, Hillary, and Edwards under any circumstances.

    I see Edwards has his book tour itinerary on MSNBC and he is going to primary states of course. John Edwards is as transparent as spring water.

    Kerry will have to go to the ground game and run a guerilla war style campaign and I can’t wait until he does.

    One thing though, no more looking out for the dems. The next time somebody goes after the clintons, reid or pelosi let them twist in the wind. They don’t appreciate what he has done for the party so let em feel the barbs for a change.