A Day of Thanks

The American celebration of a day of Thanksgiving has always been special to me. One of my favorite ministers once explained that the Pilgrams used the concept of giving thanks to focus on what was really important in life as much as to praise God or counter the failures.

Thanksgiving 2006 holds new hope for those of us who have watched ideas that we think are really important in life get trampled and abandoned for shallow values and irresponsible goals.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to bring about an election that was even better than many of us dared hope – good enough to hope for progress in the many problems we face.

Thanks to all the Dem Daily community for the contributions you make and the support we have for our mission.

People are best united not by mutual fear, but by mutual hope.” Adlai E Stevenson

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8 Responses to A Day of Thanks

  1. YvonneCa says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We DO have much to be thankful for. I am thankful that, despite our problems, we DO live in such a wonderful country. And I am grateful every day for those who have, and still do, fight to keep it great…especially our troops. I am thankful for all of you in this community who share my values and hopes for our country and for Senator Kerry for leading the way! 🙂

  2. There are many things that I can give thanks for. I cannot give thanks for this holiday that is based on lies. I therefore give thanks everyday, and not on just one day chosen to be a symbol of greed and Gluttony.

    Selected days to give thanks for what we should give thanks for everyday, is one of the most selfish things I can think of. As the nation observes this day of over eating, we must remember the ones that we strive to help along the way. What will they be doing or eating on this day of celebration? How warm will they be tonight? Will they even have family to be with? Will they survie the day or night?

    Look within yourselves, and think upon these questions. Is this a reason to celebrate, or a reason to get mad. We owe it to those that have not, to make sure they at least have a little something. Even if all you can offer is a kind word, do it!

    If you think about this, you may find yourself with more to be thankful for than you knew.

  3. Good Gawd!! Did I sound like a liberal? If I did, be sure to thank Pamela and Ginny for that! 😉

  4. Donnie, LOL. You do sound like “one of them damn liberals” as we say here in Georgia ;>

    Happy Bird Day to everyone at DD.

  5. Marjorie G says:

    We made gains by a miracle, and that the election protection was good as it can be, to this point. Hope it wasn’t just taking our guard off.

    However, we never know what the true results of elections are, and I sense they should have been better this time, despite the gerrymandering gains by the GOP.

    Many of them joined us, and said enough. I hope they get back their party, as well. Without a crash and burn, winner take and smear the enemy we have now.

    After Richard Dreyfuss’ riff on civics and civility, on the Bill Maher Show, I kept thinking how much the country is unable to appreciate a Kerry. Only led where the media fuff takes them.

    Rest, eat well, say thanks for the many gifts we have. Tomorrow we start making sure we can keep the rights we have, appreciate eachother’s differences, to even better tomorrows.

    Thanks Pam, Ginny, our new convert believer, Donnie, and more, for giving us a home that gives us comfort and strength in numbers.

  6. Donnie

    I truly think you ALWAYS had this liberal stuff in you already. We just helped it to blossom.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    We do have some things to be thankful for and I know I am very thankful for the great community (family) we have here. I hope everyone is enjoying the day.

  8. Ginny Cotts says:


    One of the reasons I’ve always cherished Thanksgiving is that it really is about the socialization of families over a ‘feast’. If you compare our Thanksgiving dinners to most feasting throughout all levels of civilization and history, it hardly qualifies as a feast. I doubt my familly really eats much more in calories on Tday – we just eat fancier. The turkey has special herbs and preparation, the salad is phenomenal with unusual fruits and vegetables, the pies and rolls home made.

    Certainly every city I have ever lived in has both Thanksgiving dinners served hot somewhere and bags of food with certificates for turkeys redeemable at local stores distributed. My sister has worked on this for years through her company. Last Saturday they put together 2000 food baskets. The local radio, TV stations and newspapers usually have various food, clothing and other drives from November through December.

    I hope we all have moments of thanks in our daily lives and that we act on the concepts of compassion and generosity all through the year. It doesn’t seem to me that having a day set aside to recognize this value is selfish.
    It can reinforce to those who have plenty that they also have enough to help someone in need. That the new set of golf clubs isn’t as important as contributing some money to the food bank or shelters.

    What is most important to me this year is that we have a chance to reinstate some of the aspects of government that helped individuals to become more independent, that helped the economy to develop better jobs at better wages with better benefits, and with less inflation to depreciate the value of the wages and benefits we do get.

    I know there are lot of inaccurate stories about most of our history. The minister I spoke of was exceptional on that subject, often correcting the myths and fallacies that were commonly associated with historical events. He had been a professor of history before making the midlife career change to ministry. His ability to put current events into historical perspective was extremely helpful in dispelling the complaints that the country is going to hell due to all these evil modern arts, politics, science, etc.

    Today we had a fairly simple meal and a lot of conversation. The highlight was a video conference with my nephew, his wife and 2 sons, who moved to New Zealand this fall and are just settling in to new schools, house and jobs. I will have a couple more days this weekend to visit with their parents before my sister and brother in law go back to Minnesota. (Yeah, the folks that elected Amy Klobucher to the Senate and the first Muslim to Congress.)

    I am most thankful for the sense of hope that has been with me since Nov 8th. 🙂