Poppy Bush: BooHoo, stop picking on my son

Poppy Bush was at the World Leadership Summit and got a suprise attack (Yea, big suprise there!) on his bouncing baby boy. That led up to Poppy having to try to defend his twisted little son. I wonder if Poppy ever wishes that he would have turned that little demon seed over his lap and issued the smacks to the backside that he must have deserved. Maybe he would not be the spoiled brat that just has to have his way now if only Poppy would have spanked his ass. But I doubt it, given that Poppy chose to defend his little decider instead. If Poppy would have made him become a man and let him do the right thing instead of bailing him out all the time, maybe the bouncing baby boy would actually act like a man. If Poppy would have passed on pulling strings to help baby boy avoid the draft, he might very well have a better understanding of what war is. Maybe he would see past the profiteering. But alas, Poppy did none of those things and continues to put Baby Boy’s reputation above the security of our nation and our people. Not to mention the well being of the world.

President Bush’s father was forced into an emotional defense of his son yesterday in the Persian Gulf when an Arab audience launched a blistering surprise attack on his first-born.

“We do honor Americans, and I believe that they are highly respected in our country. However, we do not respect your son, and we do not respect what you are doing all over the world,” college student Nevine Al Rumeisi told the former President at a leadership conference in the United Arab Emirates.

Her comment was roundly cheered by the business and political leaders gathered in once pro-American Abu Dhabi.

The elder Bush just looked stunned. (Bold Mine)

Now whatever could Poppy have said to provoke that kind of response? Well maybe this had something to do with it. Then his response was even more stupid!

His speech had stressed how proud he is of both his sons, the President and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and how much it hurt him when they are criticized.

“It takes a lot of guts to tell a father what you said about his son when I just told you that the thing that matters to my heart is my family,” he said.

“My son is an honest man, he is working hard for peace, and how come everybody wants to go to the United States if the United States is so bad?”

A lot of Guts? Could it be more than just a lot of guts? Like maybe a big dosage of the truth. Regardless, Poppy was getting his BooHoo on! BIGTIME! But wait, it gets even more bizarre!

When another audience member said he thought American wars are designed to open markets for U.S. companies – drawing more cheers and whoops – Bush grew testy.

“I think that’s weird and it’s nuts,” he said.

“To suggest that everything we do is because we’re hungry for money – I think that’s crazy. I think you need to go back to school.”

His voice quivering, the 82-year-old Bush said, “This son is not going to back away. He’s not going to change his view because some poll says this, or some poll says that, or some heartfelt comments from the lady who feels deeply in her heart about something.”

It goes on to this piece of gold.

He wouldn’t say what advice he gives his son. He acknowledged he has “strong opinions on a lot of things” but said if he spoke of them in public, any disagreement between the Bushes would be “flashed all over the world … it would be terrible.”

Well now, if that doesn’t shed some light on some things! “It would be terrible!!” So for the sake of baby boy’s reputation, you would rather hide it instead of thinking of your country first. Have you no Honor man?

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4 Responses to Poppy Bush: BooHoo, stop picking on my son

  1. Donnie

    Most of the time it seems that Poppy won’t defend Jr. I guess now Jr is in such a mess, Poppy can’t take it anymore.

  2. sandrakae says:

    Cry me a fucking river George H Walker, read my lying lipping,sushing puking,Qayle loving, make less money then Millie the whitehouse dog Bush, your son is the product of bad parenting. So STFU.

  3. Bryan says:

    And they think the world should suck up to them???


  4. Pamela,

    I noticed that he did that overseas. I wonder if he would have even thought about pulling that stunt here in America. I wish I would have found this two days ago when it was first printed. But the office pulled a fast one on me and I did not have much time to search the headlines(One of those BTW deals. You know the ones when they have hours that need to be worked and never arranged for someone to be there?). So we now have both the elder and the junior going on stupid rants.

    Sandrakae and Bryan, LMAO, Exactly!!