Iraq Study Group to Call for Pullback ( or Vietnamization Returns in 2007)

The WaPo reports today: “Study group to call for pullback,” and notes that the Iraq panel does not call for timetable.

The Iraq Study Group, which wrapped up eight months of deliberations yesterday, has reached a consensus and will call for a major withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, shifting the U.S. role from combat to support and advising, according to a source familiar with the deliberations.

Can you say, Good Morning AGAIN Vietnam? As usual, this administration reapplies the same wrong lessons from 1968. All we need now to complete the trifecta of idiocy is for McCain to say “peace with honor” and come up with a “secret plan for peace”……..get out your tie-die shirts, mood rings, and Jim Morrison memorabilia people, it’s going to be 1969 all over again. 🙁

But the recommendation includes a series of conditions and qualifications that would govern any drawdown of forces, the source said. “It describes a process by which combat brigades could be pulled out, but there wasn’t a specific timetable on it,” he said. The source demanded anonymity because members of the bipartisan panel have been pledged to secrecy until the report is officially issued Dec. 6.

The issue of a timeline for drawing down troops — both a specific date to begin a withdrawal and the pace — had been major points of contention within the panel. The Bush administration has firmly rejected specifying a date for withdrawal, but Democrats have favored setting a time frame as a way to put pressure on the Iraqi government.

What bunk, you mean a couple of Democrats have favored this for a long time, and now “wimpy” Dems who wouldn’t stand up to a bully this summer are now jumping on the bandwagon like it’s their own idea…….sheeesh.

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