OMFG! He was here!

I posted on this a couple of days ago on my blog. I have now been swamped with searches coming in. I have to look to see if a story hit that I am not aware of. The hits are coming from all over the country. I will update as I find more.

The sick and twisted bastard that may be responsible for over 20 killings in Southeast Louisiana has been captured and has now confessed to more murders, beyond the only two that he has been officially charged with. So I will start this with the first headlines, and work my way down to the newest ones that have come out.

First, the Houma Daily Courier and The Times-Picayune covered the story of the arrest.

From The Times-Picayune:

Serial killer suspect arrested

A statewide investigation into nearly two dozen slayings of men, most around the southeastern Louisiana town of Houma and in neighboring parishes, led police to arrest a suspect Friday who they think is a serial killer, booking him in the deaths of two men from New Orleans.

Houma police arrested Ronald J. Dominique, 42, on Friday at a homeless shelter run by the Police Department and accused him of leaving two dead bodies in Jefferson Parish in the late 1990s.

Dominique was booked with first-degree murder and aggravated rape in the death of Manuel Reed, 20, whose body was found in a garbage bin May 30, 1999, at 2433 Bainbridge St. in Kenner. He was also booked with second-degree murder in the death of Oliver “Boe” LeBanks, 27, found Oct. 5, 1998, in the 6900 block of Stable Drive in Metairie.

From the Houma Daily Courier:

Suspected serial killer arrested in Houma

The man possibly responsible for a decade-long series of more than 20 killings across southeast Louisiana was arrested Friday afternoon in Houma, where about a dozen possible victims connected to the investigation were last seen.

Around 3 p.m., a handful of plain-clothes detectives quietly led Ronald Joseph Dominique, 42, away from the Bunkhouse, a homeless shelter in east Houma at the foot of the Main Street side of the twin spans, where authorities say he had been staying for several days.

Then comes this artical from the Houma Daily Courier:

Suspect’s life disintegrated as arrest neared

Whether 42-year-old Ronald Joseph Dominique, arrested Friday on two murder charges and the suspicion of killing 20 more men, is originally from Bayou Blue remains unclear. But a picture of his life over the past several years, charming most people he knew, ends in a portrait of a man similar to many of his alleged victims: homeless, poor, sick and alone.

Until the week before his arrest, Dominique was living with his sister and mother’s family on property midway up Bayou Blue Road, directly across from St. Louis Catholic Church. A single-wide trailer covered by a broad, wooden roof sits in the middle of a yard large enough to accommodate the 18-wheelers neighbors say sometimes park there, but a man in the yard said the family had no desire to speak to the media.

The shock is still settling in, the man said. The family is still hurting.

Two days before his arrest, Dominique left his family’s home and checked into an east-Houma homeless shelter. That move, several people said, was precipitated by the growing awareness that the family was being watched – 24-hour surveillance, police have since said – and that Dominique might be a suspect in one of the area’s most troubling crimes.

Then comes the news that he has confessed to more killings:

Suspect confesses to more killings

A serial-killer suspect has confessed to the murders of more men, some of whom were from Terrebonne, in addition to the two Jefferson Parish slayings he was charged with upon his Friday arrest, four officials familiar with the investigation said.

Following his afternoon arrest from an east-Houma homeless shelter, Ronald Joseph Dominique was interviewed by detectives until nearly midnight Friday and spoke to them again Saturday, officials said. During that time, he has gradually admitted to killing as many as 11 as-yet-unnamed men, said the officials, whose names are being withheld by The Courier because they said they are not allowed to speak publicly about the investigation.

And what story of human tragedy would be complete without the savage and mean spirited rantings and putrid spew of the Freepers?

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2 Responses to OMFG! He was here!

  1. Ginny Cotts says:

    Gee Donnie,

    That was one creepy chill up the spine. Followed by a couple more. It’s sad enough to have this hit the community. Then to have it bring you into the national press spotlight just adds more shock.

    The rantings are always a problem for me. We had so much of it with Jon Benet, McVeigh and then Columbine, I got to the point I could shut people up with a look that was intended to freeze their oral cavities. Seemed to work.:cry:

  2. I posted some more at my place. This has gotten bizzare! He has now confessed to all the murders that they thought he might have done. There might be more that they don’t know about. It’s creepy. CNN had a story about it. So that explains why people from around the world were doing a google search on it.