The Genie and three wishes

GenieA man is walking along the beach one day and comes across something sticking slightly out the sand. He takes a closer look and sees that it has a dulled shine to it. After digging the object up, he tried to clean it up some to further see what it might be. After rubbing on it for a few minutes, a Genie came out of the lamp. “Thank you for releasing me master, in return, you will receive three wishes.” said the Genie. The man thinks for a few minutes and finally asks for 10 Million dollars. In an instant, the money appeared and the man was elated. He wondered how he could compete with that wish.

Right after this thought, he heard the sounds of someone celebrating! When he turned and looked, George W. Bush was yelling at the top of his lungs. He was jumping for joy and kept yelling “I didn’t have to cut taxes on the rich to get this” and “20 Million dollars just out of the sky.” Upon seeing this, the man was outraged! He asked the Genie why Bush got that money. The Genie told him that everything he wished for, was to be doubled for Bush. Now this came as an insult to the man. After all, it was he that found the lamp and did the cleaning and now this moron was going to reap the benefits of his labor once again.

The Genie then reminded the man that he had two more wishes to make. Upon being reminded of the other wishes, the man soon forgot his ire. He pondered for a while and thought that a home would be a good thing to have. “Genie, I wish to have a hugh home that covers a whole city block” he said. POOF! The home appeared and the man was shocked at the size of his new home. His celebration was soon cut short when he heard that familiar shout from behind. As he turned, he saw a two city block home with Bush welcoming his Neo-Con friends into his new estate to party. It was more than the man could stand! He went off on the Genie and gave him a good tongue lashing of epic proportions.

The Genie reminded him of the rule that Bush got double. Now the man was really angry! This was more than he could take and he spoke about this for some time. This time when the Genie reminded him of having another wish, the man did not lose his thoughts. He thought long and hard. What could he ask for, that he would love to let Dubya receive twice the amount of? After about two hours of real deep thought, the man looked up with a smirk on his face and asked “Mr. Genie, how would you like to beat me half to death?”

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2 Responses to The Genie and three wishes

  1. Ginny Cotts says:


    I sure hope the people whose Genie you lifted don’t get upset 😆 (I’m still not done with the program. Too busy reading to learn to speed read?)

    Well, that is one couragous person in the story.

    And Merry Christmas to everyone – except W.

    Santa better bring him coal. Not enough to do anything but make a mess of his stocking.

  2. Ginny, I’ve been thinking of writing a story like this and I came across this genie. They said for free use. The lightbulb came on then. I kept having to change things, but this was the end product.