Merry Christmas

The salutation has gone through so many years and now is the subject of arguments on how polite, correct, or whatever it might be. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, Christmas was everywhere. I learned the carols in choir from Kindergarten on. My seventh grade music teacher taught me more about singing them than anyone. He also taught music appreciation. Anyone who loves music has to recognize that the Christmas music dedicated to Christ includes some of the most beautiful and beloved works of the past two millenia. Christmas is not Christmas without the music.

Years ago I wrote my children a Christmas letter on what the celebration means to a Unitarian-Universalist. It comes to three Gifts.

The Gift of Life, which is the basis for all giving.

The Gift of Family, which is the interdependent web we are all a part of.

The Gift of Childhood, which is the all important start of the human journey of a life time.

These are the Gifts through which the Gift of Love is constantly passed on. In words, actions, music.

May this Christmas and the year to come be rich in these gifts for you and yours.



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One Response to Merry Christmas

  1. If I had been thinking last night I would have grabbed my camera when we ran out to watch the Christmas Caroling train go through the neighborhood. For over 20 years a groups of local folks have gone through the neighborhood with a huge Christmas Train Float and carolers. We followed them around the block last night before they headed off to another block. Quite a bit of fun.

    Merry Christams to all once again… and to all a good night! 🙂