The Breck Girl’s Back

And we’re gonna get married, hey lay, hey la, the Breck Girl’s back:

As Pamela has already noted here and here, “Former vice presidential nominee John Edwards said Thursday that he is a candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, promising “a grass roots, ground-up campaign where we ask people to take action.” Several readers have already commented derisively about another Edwards run, and that’s to be expected since we’re largely a pro-John Kerry group. But let me explain why we should take another Edwards run seriously.

Though I’m still of the opinion that Edwards brought nothing to John Kerry’s campaign, failing in the end to even win his home state, Edwards is no empty suit at least in comparison to say Barack Obama (who also has the “swoon factor” going, but nothing to back it up). While Edwards was only a one-term senator, that’s four years more experience on the national stage than Obama has had. And Edward’s anti-poverty efforts since the loss of the election two years ago have been in the forefront of the debate.

Now, some are arguing that’s because Edwards has been running since November 7, 2004. Fair enough. But I can’t deride him too much for picking Nawlin’s 9th Ward to launch another bid this morning, since he was talking about “those people” long before Katrina hit in August ’05. Some of his ideas, if you read his website, are rather progressive, and while I’m not endorsing the guy by any stretch, I do think we should take note of the positions he’s laid out, most of which the readers of this blog would support.

I worked for Kerry here in Georgia during the ’04 primaries, and we delivered the state to him, but barely. Even though he failed to deliver North Carolina in the general election, Edwards has a lot of support in the south, which is why his candidacy is one to be reckoned with and why he no doubt chose the south to announce.

I have no idea where Kerry is regarding ’08, but I do know Edwards is certainly a viable alternative to the Clinton/Obama grudge match which the media is hyping. This is no Vilsack or Biden candidacy. It’s much bigger than that.

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56 Responses to The Breck Girl’s Back

  1. showman says:

    If you want to be honest. The GOP side is even more tricky than the Democratic side. Their top 3 candidates McCain, Romney, Giuliani all have problems with primary voters. McCain has long been hated by true blue conservatives who see him as a closet liberal. Romney is opportunistic empty suit who IS now trying to pass himself off as the conservative choice in the primaries after posing as mr liberal in 1994 ans 2002. Giuliani is like any other northeastern liberal on social issues. Giuliani also has more skeletons than Arlington National Cemetary in his personal life. I think the GOP field is wide open. McCain has alot to answer for. He may find himself stuck in Iraq lol. Consequently killing his chances for the White House. McCain don’t know whetther he want to be a neocon or mr. maverick.

  2. showman says:


    JK has face alot of crap in his life. He has said before he rather have slings and arrows than be ignored. Kerry totally knows the deal and so does his team. I’m pretty sure he will be ready for battle. He is target because he is a threat. His Detractors
    hate him because he doesn’t play their games and have more class/smarts then the rest of them. So they feel good when they cheap shot him.

  3. Showman

    Great analysis on the right wing potentials. They all have a lot of baggage, I don’t see any of them being strong. I think it would be interesting to watch JK go up against mcCain however. As for Romney, we know JK will rip him to shreds and no doubt he’ll do the same with Rudy.

  4. Indie

    JK has got a tougher skin than all of us put together. 🙂

  5. pen says:

    Edwards will not get my vote no matter what and neither will hillary.

    Edwards and Hillary are both hoping to capitalize on the nostalgia for Bill. Edwards with his so called southern charm and easy manner and hillary with her so called political skills and the fact that she is married to Bubba.

    Neither are bill clinton and neither will be able to stand in his shadow once they are on the stage with Kerry and some of the others.

    I pray Kerry runs or I will be one heartsick sister.

    Even though the poster from NC isn’t a Kerry fan he made the point I’ve made for a long time, which is if the folks of North Carolina rejected Edwards in 04 then why the heck would we want him in 08?

    we know the media wants anybody but Kerry and we know they are going to pull out all the stops to derail the Kerry 08 express but now that 06 is over its time for Kerry supporters to dust off the gun powder and start firing it up.

    Look Kerry won’t win the nomination unless he is willing to crush his opponents in the party and in the GOP. It’s all fine and good to be troopers for the dem party but make no mistake the DC dems, Reid, Schumer, Holy Joe, and many others will do what it takes to destroy Kerry. They prove that the last week of October 2006.

    Bottom line is if Kerry is your man then its time to rumble. I know he knows how to fight.
    The only thing that concerns me is Kerry will be willing to take more arrows for a team that would stab him in his sleep.

    I must admit teddy pissed me off when I heard the comments that he wasn’t going to wait forever but if it is apart of the strategy then 🙂 08 is going to be a fight worth purchasing tickets to.

    I can see where the Kennedy’s and the bushwhackers would have conflict after all both are from Northeastern money. If the clinton had to choose they would side with the bushes to get the whitehouse even though they have paraded themselves like Kennedy’s heirs apparent.

    Now if only the American electorate would open their eyes and vote for more than sunny good looks, flashy smile, and fluff pieces. Didn’t they get enough with king george?

  6. showman says:


    I’m with you its time to rumble in 08. JK knows the primaries won’t be a walk in the park. I on his team 100 percent.