The Media: Still Getting John Kerry Wrong

Media Matters has an excellent spanking of the mainstream media and several right wing “drudges” regarding John Kerry’s supposed “tearful” exit from the ’08 race. Writes Eric Boehlert (bolds mine): “For the record, at no point did Kerry shed any tears on the floor of the Senate last Wednesday; he simply did not “cry.” Rather, during a single sentence Kerry became emotional and his voice caught. The press’ key distortion though, was that the single sentence had nothing to do with running for president again. Instead, Kerry was momentarily overcome with emotion when he noted that the misguided war in Iraq threatened to undo everything he had fought for since his return from Vietnam more than three decades ago.” You … Continue reading

Self-Selected, Unelected, Disconnected VP

Cross posted from Connecting.the.Dots: Does Cheney, a New York Times editorial asks, “simply feel free to cut the ground out from under Mr. Bush?” Why not? In 2000, after heading the search for a running mate, Cheney looked in the mirror and picked himself. They lost the popular vote (and who knows about Florida?), but Cheney came to office with a neo-con blueprint for policing the world and used the President as his hand puppet to lie our way into Iraq. After all that, why would he start worrying now about Bush or public opinion or whether Scooter Libby goes to jail for doing his dirty work? Mr. President, if you ever decide to change course in Iraq, don’t go … Continue reading

“Campaign For Our Country”

Just posted over at JK-com is a thank-you from the Senator to all those who made comments to his announcement Wednesday. In this thank-you he has asked for people who wanted a John Kerry campaign for the presidency to shift gears and give the same effort for a “campaign for our country”. I think it was a great choice of words and I personally have been able to finally “get out of the funk” I have been in since Wednesday. I made a brief comment asking the Senator to tell the community exactly what he needed us to do. To me his request is the same kind of request as he and others made to our soldiers and citizens some … Continue reading

So Now What? And Who?

I realize in the shock and grief over John Kerry’s announcement yesterday, most of us can’t really think about where to go or whom to support for ’08 on the Democratic side. And though I’ve always referred to myself as a Kerrycrat more than a Democrat, I am wondering who we, as a community, feel we should line up behind. Pamela cautions that we shouldn’t be too hasty to bash those in the race, and though I’m with Donnie and guilty of having done just that, I think she’s ultimately right. John Kerry wouldn’t want us turning on the party (even though it’s tempting for those of who see its abandonment of him as being the cause for his decision … Continue reading

Thank You Senator Kerry!

This is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another! As the author of John Kerry for President 2008 and a sometime writer on the Democratic Daily, I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your efforts on behalf of all of us in the United States Senate and in your race for President in 2004. While many of us are certainly disappointed, and were ready to fight the good fight, we are the first to understand and support your decision. Like so many decisions you have made that have not been popular, they are based on your understanding of citizenship, your desire to bring people together, and your great humility in providing all of … Continue reading