3 Weeks of Scrutiny

Just as the president is ready to address the nation on Iraq, Joe Biden next week begins three weeks of hearings on the war. On the committee, Biden and Democrats Christopher Dodd (Conn.), John Kerry (Mass.), Russell Feingold (Wis.) and Barack Obama (Ill.) will compete for intensity in criticizing a troop surge. But on the Republican side of the committee, no less probing scrutiny of Bush’s proposals will come from Chuck Hagel.

*** Damn, what a fine group of heavy hitters! I can’t wait to get audio from this group! Obama will be lucky if there’s anything left after Biden,JK, and Russ get done grilling whoever has to speak for the administration. Hell, if the hearings are public I might have to take that much wanted trip to DC 😉 Light ’em up John!

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8 Responses to 3 Weeks of Scrutiny

  1. OMFG!! JK can have one of those “can you hear me now” moments. This is gonna be great if the admin. actually gives answers! I imagine there will be the usual attempt at blocking people from giving testimony and also claiming “national security” as a reason not to answer.

  2. Marjorie G says:

    The media decide who gets the benfit of press and can you hear me now moments. That’s one of our biggest problems, to Kerry running, and ending the war.

    Let me say that although Hagel seems reasonable, even likable, and probably a friend of Kerry’s, he is probably also considering a run.

    Some people call him the manchurian candidate, but I won’t go that far.

    A lot of what was gained in his 90’s win, was the possibility that elections can be manipulated. His ES&S company, one of the big three voting machine vendors, delivered him a large, surprise win in Dem neighborhoods.

    True that Nebraskans are independent, tend to vote GOP, they do love the military, and often voted for Bob Kerrey (D). Still too suspicious when we consider the 2000 recount, when every GOP talked on the tube as computers being the answer.

    HAVA in 2002, vendor written, when there wasn’t adequate technology to support it. Cleland’s surprise loss.

    I won’t continue the long list of suspicions.

  3. Connie says:

    This could be Kerry’s opportunity to show the country who they could have had leading them. We know that he has great investigative skills as well as broad foreign relations background, and he’ll be coming to these hearings so well prepared after his mideast trip. He’s best when he’s totally focused on what he knows, and that’s considerable. Leave all the camera posturing to the others. If Sen. Kerry is just himself, with no coaching, I believe the country’s eyes will be on him, and long after these hearings are over. His sincerity and honesty will set him apart from the others who I feel will just be looking for the limelight.

  4. pen says:

    Connie- I’m with you. JK is an investigator as much as he is a senator. BCCI and Iran contra proved that.

    We can’t forget about Boxer (even though she supported holy joe).
    I always said if JK and Boxer had been on the judiciary committee they ALito and Roberts wouldn’t have had a cake walk to the supreme court.

  5. pen says:

    Obama is green as a granny smith Apple when it comes to foreign policy so he better be careful and frankly I don’t look for him to say much.

    Biden will pontificate as usually and so will McCain. Hillary will know all eyes are on her and she will play policy wonk, and try to show she’s the iron lady.

    Yep, the Foreign relations comm. will be must see TV for sure.

    As for Hagel? He’s a repug and he will always back the party and bush in the end. He’ll have to do more than just talk to get me to believe a word out of his mouth.

  6. showman says:


    FYI, Hillary and McCain are on the Armed Services Committee not the Foreign Relations Committee.

  7. pen says:

    Showman- I know hil and two face are on the armed services committee but you better believe they will be in competition with those on the foreign relations committee to see who can appear more tough. Hill and McCain will try to hog all the spotlight.

    Sorry if the above post had you all thinking I lumped hill and 2 face in the SFRC. I do know some of the committees;-)

  8. showman says:

    Trust me Iknow Hill will be on grandstanding duty throughout the whole process.