Send Bush Your Mail

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By now everyone has heard that Bush issued a signing statement last month that could lead the government open your mail without a warrant. Pamela wrote about this below.

It’s a typical move for Bush in what the Times this morning calls his Imperial Presidency 2.0.

Most people shrug and wonder what they can do, but Bill at Post Coital might be on to something with this idea:

“My suggestion is this, forward your UNOPENED junk mail to the president, hell forward your junk email too. Just draw a line through your address, and write:

FWD:1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NWWashington, DC 20500

“Best email address I can find is”

LOL…”wanna read my mail? Here you go!”

Spread the word.

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7 Responses to Send Bush Your Mail

  1. Todd

    Can we send our bills too?

  2. A friend recommends a similar approach to unsolicited credit card applications that regularly arrive in mail. Those applications usually come with a postage-paid return envelope, which Don stuffs with other junk mail and mails back to the credit card company – postage paid. It’s part of a reduce-reuse-recycle strategy of disposing of junk mail and reducing his waste stream.

  3. latmhagtkay writes: “cumtibmnsq pudqmpdgtxy yaspeeugqo klsfbkpsro xczcfzept vginivsfw cngksazwgg qsbmmqoblnk”

    I’m not sure…is that Vulcan or Klingon?

  4. LOL Todd!!! If that spam ever talks back to you, let me know. Oh the joy of fun with mail.

  5. sandrakae says:

    I vote we all just mail him a bag of those big pretzels with a note that says, eat these will your open my mail.

  6. Ginny Cotts says:

    John Freeland,

    I got started doing that when my underage kids got credit card offters. The one we really got a kick out of was when they actually sent one to the DOG. The kids decided to fill out the application and used a paw print to sign it. 😆

    She didn’t get a credit card…

    I was reading about a month ago how some guy decided to save all the junk mail for a year to get a more specific figure to deal with. I think mine is about the same – I set aside trash can at one point to throw it in just for convenience. Now I’m wondering what it would cost me to put it in a box and send it.

    I’ve also thought about just taking it to the main Denver post office and contributing to the national security effort there. Problem is it has my name and address all over it and that would probably get me some kind of fine.


    You really have to wonder what these spammers have on their brains sometimes. I think Klingon, Russian and – dating myself- the character in ‘Pogo’ that was too young to talk understandably.

    Damn I miss Pogo. Walt Kelly’s infamous comic strip and dead on political analysis would have been on the Editorial pages with Doonesbury and Mallard in the past few decades. Outdoing both by huge margins.

  7. John says:


    What with all-to-easy credit offers tending to feed consumer “credit addiction” imagine getting offers for a weekly case of booze delivered weekly to our door steps and we wouldn’t have to pay for any of it until January 08. So convenient, we’d never have to drive out to buy it.

    People would have a fit if that happened. Is our personal credit culture all that different?