Going to New Orleans: Let the march begin

I will be taking off tomorrow to arrive in NOLA to take part in the march that is planned. With the recent stories of crime there, a march is taking place and I will be there to cover the story and take pics. I will be meeting up with some of the NOLA bloggers and marching side by side with them to show our support. That’s right, The Katrinacrat is making a landing in NOLA! My choice of clothes? Why this Marine will be in his trademark cammo!!!

I look forward to hanging out with my brothers and sisters in NOLA, and taking in a few sights. I will be armed with my camera and lots of batteries. So brace yourself Mayor Nagin, I will invade your turf. I hope to get some bayou blogging in too. I might have a special sign to hang in your honor. You might as well say you hate me, because you will after it is said and done! You have moved up on my list of idiots.

If you want to see how this is wearing on the minds of those involved, you have no further than our own twisted and much loved blogger. The Great Ashley Morris. Acid laced and straight to the point. That is who we are, and we refuse to go away.

NOTICE: If you have sensitive ears, do not click on the link for Ashley. But if you really care to see how things are going, and want to know how it really is, then click by all means!

I will stand with my brothers and sisters. I will march with my brothers and sisters. I will do what I feel is right. I will report back and supply pics. I will not be afraid. I am an American, and so are my brethren! WE LIVE! We shall continue to do so, regardless of what some might wish on us. We are Louisiana, and we exist!

Oyster at Your Right Hand Thief weighs in on the situation.

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4 Responses to Going to New Orleans: Let the march begin

  1. BobsAdvice says:

    Good-luck Donnie!

    When Katrina hit New Orleans and 250,000 jobs were lost President Bush created a “tax-incentive zone” when emergent action instead was required.

    If it were a President Kerry or a President Roosevelt, the answer instead would have been “250,000 jobs were lost, but there are 250,000 jobs to be done!”

    This kind of devastation called for a direct federal Marshall Plan. Much like the $100 billion planned for Iraq and likely to be announced tonight.

    Keep us all posted!


  2. Dotti Janiak says:


    Safe journey to NOLA.

    I trust the march will be successful in the fight against the crime escalation there. Sure look forward to your reports and many photos. Enjoy the gumbo!

  3. Donnie

    Good for you. Looking to forward to your report and pics. I heard some stuff on NPR earlier today about this.

  4. Nagin is already trying to counter this with politics. First, they said something about a curfew and checks points. Then when I got home a couple of hours ago, one of the NOLA bloggers wrote how:

    “C Ray and Chief Riley had attended a sign making party held by rally organizers in the Marigny.”