NOLA crime rally update

I did a quick post over at The Katrinacrat Blog yesterday after I got back home. Blogger was acting weird again and I was having problems uploading pics.

I made it to New Orleans for the rally today, but it seemed as though there was problems with getting there from the get go. On the way, I got into stand still traffic at a so-called construction sight. The thing is only one person was actually doing anything. He was holding the “slow” sign while there was about ten idiots just sitting on a guard rail doing nothing. So I got into New Orleans a little too late for the march to city hall. I called Adrastos, and he recommended going right to city hall. After the rally, I bumped into Adrastos and shortly after, Dangerblond came along. I got to talk with them on the way back to the starting point, and then they dropped me off to pick up my car.

I have more pics, but I will get the rest up later. Blogger is being a bitch right now with the picture upload. I managed to get one done, but damn that took a long time! I will wait till blogger acts a little more user friendly to get some more up. Don’t know why blogger is always losing connection.

The subject of some of the windows in city hall being opened and people watching from up there came up. I noticed it and snapped a couple of shots of it. Now that I have them on the computer, I could swear that one has Mayor Potato Head in it. If enlarged, it sure looks like him. I will put the rest up later.

The rally turned out a lot of people, and as is usual, the estimated number of people depends on where you read it at. The estimates range from 3000 to 5000. I just got the pics finally uploaded and you can see them here. Too many pics to resize to post here. Besides, once was more than enough. 😆

I found out that Nagin was actually sitting behind the platform. He was not allowed to speak. This was the time for the people to be heard. Him and Chief Reilly tried to co-opt the rally, but Nagin got punked out. Him and the chief actually had the gall to show up at a sign making party! The Mayor, the Chief, and the DA took a verbal lashing that was a long time coming.

For a great roundup of links to La. bloggers and media, you can check out Maiti. She has done an outstanding job of rounding up the links. Thanks for all the work Maitri. The rally was a true inspiration and I am glad I was able to make it there to show my support.

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2 Responses to NOLA crime rally update

  1. Dotti Janiak says:


    Thanks for your great report and photos. I viewed some coverage on CNN and thought of you. Even looked for your military garb! Crowd was sure impressive. Happy you could be there for all of us here.

  2. Dotti, I was within throwing distance of the CNN truck. I actually took a pic of it and it is posted over at my blog. The scene was one that was impressive to say the least! Anderson Cooper was there and there was a chopper in the sky making the route. Also, this post actually made the Featured Post at Memeorandum. It really was something to behold. You could feel the amped up energy in the air. I lost it and busted out laughing when they started calling Nagin out!!! The way it was situated, most did not even realize he was even out there.