Celebrrrrating DNC ’08 in Denverrrr

I didn’t miss the announcement. It was getting very frustrating to have the decision held up by the kind of union negotiating that gives them a bad rap. Then Dean announced on a day I had to be away from the news. And Denver temperatures are LOW: <10 degrees.

This is going to be fast and simple… I am not AWOL. The gamble on the house in putting the computer/office in the enclosed back porch was based on an estimate that it would be a 3.90 season room. Just a few days a year it would be seriously difficult to get it comfortable enough to be out here more than 10 or 20 minutes. This year is the exception. Between work and well below freezing weather, I have not been on the computer for more than 10 minutes at a time. Even the TV is out here.

HOWEVER. As promised, any Dem Daily folks who are going to be able to come to Denver in ’08 and need a roof, bathroom and space for sleeping, I should be here and more than willing to have some company 🙂

Ok, the feet and hands are getting really stiff. Back when the temperature gets above freezing…

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9 Responses to Celebrrrrating DNC ’08 in Denverrrr

  1. Dotti Janiak says:


    I was thinking very strongly about you today. Happy to hear from you again. Sorry you are freezing. I’m getting prepared for the blast again. Supposed to be 13 degrees here in the outskirts of Albuquerque tonight and 9 degrees tomorrow night. Oh, the heating bills!

    Thanks for your offer during the ’08 gala in Denver. Would really like to meet you and Pamela. Let’s see what happens, and it’s all happening too quickly!

    Stay warm.

  2. Marjorie G says:

    Count me in, too. Hope we can feel good about our ticket. Where again do you live?

    I keep reading about Iraq, opinions of pols, and nary a mention of JK’s leadership. Kennedy’s Bill without his co-sponsorship.

    Just read Eleanor Clift and Adam Nagourney our two faves, NOT, and wonder if we’ll ever get any semblance of fact or fairmindedness.

  3. Jean says:

    It is really difficult to get the word out to the ordinary American the good work John Kerry is doing. I hardly hear anyone in the newspapers and TV news mention John Kerry’s work in the Senate and his strategy for Iraq. I don’t know why the “news analysts” or whatever they call themselves keep on saying that the democrats don’t have a strategy for Iraq. Why don’t they catch on to what John Kerry is saying about Iraq? Are the purposely shutting him out? Don’t they care what happens to our Country’s security?

  4. Brrr… is right. It’s freezing here in L.A. tonight, too. Second night in a row!

    Denver here we come… But I have to say, my mind was on the NH primary earlier today when I spoke with my girlfriend back home. We all need to start saving traveling money for next year!

  5. That would be wonderful to make it there in ’08. What are the chances that I won’t be working during that time? Cold? I got a window open with the fans on here. I imagine some of that will make it our way though. If I was to make it there, I would expect to see some back flips!

  6. Teresa says:

    The whole town is doing back flips right now. And they know how to party. I think it’s already started. They threw a fabulous celebration for Bill Ritter’s inauguration as governor. His wife wore a rust colored vintage velvet gown. Everyone was flying high.
    It’s going to be one of the best conventions ever. Denver is good at this.

    Uuhhh, Ginny…did you notice it’s snowing again tonight?

  7. You poor people need to come south…it’s 70 degrees in Georgia today!

  8. It’s 47 degress here in L.A. at noon.

  9. Ginny Cotts says:


    I’ve been out cleaning off the van and moving it down the street about 2 house on the other side so I can take off downhill from a fairly clear area tomorrow morning. The one thing you can say about snow in really cold weather is it is much dryer and lighter than ‘warm’ snow!

    Did everyone know the Eskimo have about 200 different words for snow- depending on what kind, condition, etc??


    I live in Wheat Ridge. It was a separate town 100 years ago. I live 5 blocks from the street that is now the dividing line between Denver and Wheat Ridge (Sheridan). The Pepsi Center is 3.33 miles from me. Map Quest’s estimated travel time is 10 minutes, which would be right normally. Depending on traffic flow into the Can, it would be best to allow 30+ minutes for parking, etc. There is also a reasonable bus route that would be a block from my house and stops less than 1/4 mile from the Can. Some of that you would have to walk anyway because of the parking.


    I can guarantee it will be higher than 70 degrees in August of ’08!! This is pretty much what I was used to in Anchorage – except it was expected, the streets were cleaned quickly enough I rarely got stuck – in a Honda!. Even the over-sized garage had a heater, in case we needed it. And, I’m 12 years older….


    The convention is the week before Labor Day weekend. Maybe you can volunteer for the weekend and take vacation before…