8/29 Investigation: A call to action

Todays guest post comes from one of the NOLA bloggers. Adrastos is one of the NOLA bloggers that I met at the New Orleans crime rally. You just have to love the city of New Orleans and their very own citizen media. A couple of the bloggers were speakers at the rally, and gave Nagin a verbal lashing. I have to tell you, the rally was something to behold, but the bloggers are the best. Those people rock! On with the post from Adrastos:

We all know that Holy Joe Lieberman has decided NOT to launch a Senate investigation into the Bush administration’s criminally incompetent response to Katrina and the federal flood. As much fun as it is to bash that pompous prat, I seem to still have my activist hat on today, so I’m issuing a call for action on the House side. The good news is the one of Congress’ ace investigators is now the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform: Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA.) Chairman Waxman is seriously considering an investigation. Mr. Waxman is one of the good guys: I vividly recall how he made the Tobacco company Presidents do the perp walk in the Nineties. And Sheriff Waxman is back on the job, y’all.

I’m urging my readers to email Chairman Waxman to urge the House to thoroughly investigate this matter so that the feds will NOT compound another disaster by repeating the same mistakes. (It’s what they do best: look at the “new plan” for Iraq.) The committee has an email page set up at its web site: LINK. I really think that all Mr. Waxman needs is some encouragement: his heart is in the right place.

Rhetorical question time: Is what I’m suggesting the same thing as what Levees.Org is suggesting in its petition drive? No. While I think that my readers *should* sign their petition on general principles, they’re agitating for an “independent nonpartisan commission.” I think that a Congressional investigation with majority and minority reports would have more teeth: Washington ain’t a nonpartisan town, y’all. And both the 9/11 Commission and the Iraq Study Group reports suffered from the need to satisfy all the commissioners. Me, I want Henry Waxman and House Democrats to fry Bush and Chertoff’s asses: an independent commission could be useful but its report is likely to be (pun intended) watered down. You can’t take the politics out of politics and a bipartisan commission is an attempt to do just that.

So, email Chairman Waxman’s committee. Then, sign the Levees.org petition. It’s called covering all your bases; sort of like a cautious man who wears both a belt and suspenders. As Mick Jagger says at one point on the live album, Get Yer Ya-Yas Out: “You wouldn’t want me trousers to fall down now, would ya?”

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  1. Connie says:

    Done, Guest Post — and thanks for the link!

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  3. If would like to help us in our call for the August 29 Commission, please go onto our site and sign the secure online petition:


    Remember- this won’t happen if the citizens don’t demand it!

    Thank you- Vince Pasquantonio
    Legislative Director