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It’s getting nasty out there (and I’m not talking about the weather). Look at what the Wingnuts are blathering about this morning:

Obama Attended Madrassa; Story Leaked by Clinton Camp:

“As Senator Barack Hussein Obama enjoys superstar status within the news media, a background check of the 45-year old Illinois Democrat revealed that he was a student in a Muslim madrassa in Indonesia and that he was raised by his stepfather as a Muslim. Some observers believe Sen. Obama himself used his revelation about drug use — including cocaine — as a smokescreen to hide his Islamic background.”

Don’t you just love the way the right wing kooks love to work “Hussein” into his name every time a story with him comes about?

Of course, this “revelation” itself is a yawner. No one gives a rat’s rear end what Obama’s religious background is other than Fox News, who apparently considers this “breaking news”, and Republican losers.

What’s startling about this story (and why I’m linking conservative cretins on this blog this morning) is the following: “While there are several stories about this latest Senator Obama revelation, many inside the Beltway believe the story came from Senator Hillary Clinton’s supporters in order to take the wind out of the sails of Obama’s fledgling presidential run.

As Pamela has noted, Hillary’s camp is already launching attacks on Obama’s positions, so the fact that she allegedly leaked this story isn’t all that shocking. In fact, given her track record the past few months, it seems to fit the Clinton’s modus operandi.

We all remember John Kerry’s “botched joke” and the insanity that followed, but what gave that story legs wasn’t the Republican Swift Boat machine. It was the abandonment of Kerry by members of his own party, including one Hillary Clinton, that really drove it.

The Clintons (I love typing that…it sounds like “The Clampetts”) have a vast smear machine built up and ready to go for ’08. The Republicans won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to “opposition research”. If I were Obama I’d grow a pair quick and learn how to deal with it.

John Kerry, should he join the fray, may be the only seasoned candidate strong enough to dispense with the Clinton’s and their below the belt tactics.

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17 Responses to Nasty

  1. showman says:

    I believe the Clintons did leak this stuff about Obama despite what others may think. Some bloggers believe this a right wing attack to divide Democrats but the Clintonistas are more than capable of doing this crap.

  2. johng says:

    Its all about JK in 2008. As far as the Clintons, they are all about smear and fear, not to worry JK is ready to launch back when they come after him.

  3. sandrakae says:

    Yea and he is also a smoker. It just amazes me the things they expect us to consider when choosing our President.

  4. Mass says:


    I have no lost love for the Clintons, but considering the source (Jim Kouri), I do not believe a word of anything that is written here. If Hillary was responsible, the article would not have her name.

    This said, it is clear that the 08 campaign will be nasty. The front page of the WaPo today had a story about who bought Edwards’s house (an total non-story by John Solomon), and there is an article about Obama and his book (See

    Except that, of course, I am waiting for Kerry08.

  5. cali dem says:

    I hate this stuff. You could very well be correct in your assumptions about what’s happening today but it could also be a well-orchestrated double smear by the right-wing propaganda machine. It does give Rushbo more than enough nasty fuel for his next two ‘shows.’

  6. Sandrakae: “Yea and he is also a smoker.”

    Heh, I’d forgotten about that. I’m sure the first pic of him lighting up will be broadcast everywhere: “Hussein Obama, graduate of Islamic madrassa, also smokes evil western cigarettes”.

  7. Name just ONE accomplishment for Obama that qualifies him to be President. Again,
    here is a list of the reasons why I oppose Barack Obama in his quest for high public office:
    * He supports Roe V. Wade
    * He voted in favor of stem-cell research
    * He extended a presumption of good faith to abortion proponents
    * He supports affirmative action
    * He voted against a Constitutional amendment to ban American flag burning
    * He voted against a Constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage
    * He is anti-death penalty
    * He supports rehabilitation for hard-core crimes such as murder
    * He says he understands kids and their drug usage.
    * He voted to reduce oil usage in the U.S. by 40% by the year 2025.
    * He voted to ban oil drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge
    * He voted no on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers
    * He voted no to extend the Patriot Act wiretap provisions
    * He voted yes to allow illegal immigrants to receive medicade and social security.
    * He voted yes to raise the minimum wage to $7.25 rather than $6.25
    * He is a believer in the seperation of church and state, which is not in the Constitution
    * He voted against the confirmation of Samuel Alito as Supreme Court justice
    * He voted against the confirmation of Judge Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
    * He voted no to permanently repeal the “death tax.”
    * He voted no to extending tax cuts on capital gains and dividends
    * He is in favor of increased restrictions on gun possession
    This is not a complete list due to space limitations, but these are valid reasons not to want this kind of person in charge of our nation. Liberals have a nasty habit of standing on their head and telling you that you are upside down.

  8. democrafty says:

    I hate to quibble with a good blog post, but I just don’t think the Clampetts would go there.

  9. sandrakae says:

    He probably asked his Mom for lunch money, when he didn’t need it. Anybody that does that, should never be elected President!!!!!!

  10. Let me reiterate just for the record, I am presupposing there may be a grain of truth to this. Personally I think it does sound like the Clintons, only because the right is too busy eating itself at the moment to launch this kind of smear against a Dem. Granted, it does sound like right wing propaganda, but nevertheless it is showing up in mainstream media outlets (well, as “mainstream” as Faux News can be).

    As to “Marshall Will Kane”, my apologies. He’s a troll that followed me over from AoF, and a doofus who has been shown to be wrong on every issue.

  11. booboo_babies says:

    All of the things that “Marshall Will Kane” is against, I’m in favor of, and so are most sane people. Until I read Kane’s post, I did not know that Obama had done that much, and was ready to blow him off due to his supposed lack of experience. JK is by far my favorite for ’08, but if he does not run, I’ll now consider supporting Obama.

  12. Marshall

    Thanks for sharing. Sure, it’s an impressive list, not unlike the lists for other declared or potential Democratic candidates. And, I’ll just take a moment to remind you that John Kerry has actually led the fight on many of the issues like drilling in the Arctic Refuge, Alito, Roe vs. Wade, stem cell research, tax cuts and more.

  13. Kootenay says:

    Many thanks to Marshal Will Kane for providing this list of Obama’s credentials! There is no doubt he should be considered as a viable candidate based on this kind of platform. Hillary, on the other hand, is looking less viable every day, and if it turns out that she’s engaging in the same kind of smear tactics brought to us by the regressive right then I hope democrats across the nation will tell her to take a hike.

  14. pen says:

    I don’t doubt for a minute that hill’s people did this with her knowledge.

    After Terry MAC coming out with the book trashing JK, the way she threw Kerry under the bus after the botched joke does anyone really think she wouldn’t do this to obama?

    As someon said earlier hill will do the gop’s dirty work in this election.

    Remember it was under Bill, hill’s and their minions watch that the state Dem parties were out of money.
    bill lost congress in 94 to Newt and then triangulated for the rest of his tenure stabbing his own party when it suited him and yet the dems still defended him.

    The clintons don’t need to do the actual dirty work they have a whole team of character assasins and enablers to do it.

    Remember Web Hubble, Lannie Gunier, yeah they were fOB and Hill’s and look how they were treated when the gop screamed.

    Nah, The clintonistas are going to go after Obama and try and pin it on somebody else.

    The clintons got a lot more from the democratic party than the party ever got from them and until the democratic party tells both of them to get loss and cut the cord the clintons will continue to suck the life out of the dem party and the nation.

  15. Marshal Will Kane Says:
    January 19th, 2007 at 10:40 am

    Well how Little Green Footballs of you to say so!!!!!! Run along now and go rub your nose in the backside of Ann Coulter. And please, try to pick up your arms a lil on the way out. I do hate the sound of dragging knuckles across the deck!

  16. Little Purple Fooshballs


  17. Knuckle draggers against sanity! 😆