How Do You Ask A Senator to Run For President to Fix a Mistake?

Senator Kerry is considering another run for President.

As reported in the Boston Globe today:

Kerry has indicated that he will announce his intentions by the end of January, in keeping with his publicly stated intention to do so “shortly after the turn of the year.” His aides have drafted a “John Kerry for President ’08” financial plan that will restart his fund-raising efforts with a series of house parties organized by activists around the country — if he decides to pursue the presidency again.”

There are many reasons I could offer why John Kerry should not run for President. We have heard them all many times over. We know the Presidential field is crowded and Senator Kerry is down in the polls.

But that is not important.

We know that the Swift-Boaters will be out once again with their desparate Richard Nixon and Lee Atwater tactics ablaze.

But Senator Kerry has faced fiercer foes in the jungles of Vietnam and stood the test.

We know that there are those who will be able to twist the distinguished Senatorial record of John Kerry to suggest he has voted in different directions at different times.

But Senator Kerry has a long and distinguished record of service to our nation in the United States Senate.

And we know that the political hacks will resume personal attacks on him, his wife, and his family.

And for that we cannot control and we would understand if Senator John Kerry placed family over politics, but I believe that the courage to face these operatives is not confined just to Mr. Kerry but also is something shared by all of the Kerry family including Teresa Heinz Kerry who has shown incredible personal strength throughout her own distinguished career. For that we are all thankful.

So once again we must ask Senator Kerry to serve his nation not to send men to die for a mistake, but to lead America in the reparative process of healing that nation that has moved off its historic course and has once again succumbed to those who would involve our nation in a war on foreign soil where young American men and women are once more dying for contrived political devices and lies.

Senator Kerry, there is nobody in the Democratic field of candidates who offers us your wisdom, your experience, and your dogged determination to bring America home again. Home to values we appeared to have tossed overboard. Reason that has been dispensed with. And Care for the Constitution that appears to have been completely devalued.

It is time to replace this Katrina Administration with a Kerry Administration that can lead this nation back onto the path of world leadership instead of world bully.

And all of that needs you Senator Kerry! The road to the White House will not be an easy one. But the race is underway and you have some catching-up to do. Your time is now.

So please, “Run John, Run!”

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About Robert Freedland

A concerned American and supporter of Senator John Kerry, I am the author of the blog "John Kerry for President 2008". I am also the author of the stock market investing blog, "Stock Picks Bob's Advice".
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15 Responses to How Do You Ask A Senator to Run For President to Fix a Mistake?

  1. Dotti Janiak says:


    I appreciated reading your inspiring post this morning. I wholeheartedly second your call to action for Senator Kerry to “Run John, Run!”

    “I’ve got some unfinished business,
    and I’ve still got something left
    to say.”
    John F. Kerry
    Student Forum – 2006

  2. sandrakae says:

    I love this. You made my day.

  3. Connie says:

    Thanks, Bob. So many of us out here are just waiting for the word from John Kerry that he wants to lead this country out of Bush’s mess. Let’s hope JK is reading your post this morning.!

  4. DAS San Diego says:

    Thanks Bob. Reading your post and the Boston post really adds excitement & anxiety. Kerry deserves another go but I can see how difficult it might be to decide because of his possible Senate seat loss & the circus-like atmosphere that will occur within our primaries.

    If he’s up for round 2, I’ll be there!

  5. Indie Liberal says:

    Excellent post Bob. 🙂

    I think along with the media and lack of support from DC Dems, there is the challenge of winning back support from those angered over the concession.

  6. Ira Leichtman says:

    We are ready to get to work to support Senator Kerry but time is running out. There are many of us waiting in the wings to help, being bombarded by the other campaigns. Enough of this media media freenzie about Hillary; we are looking for a clear voice from JK and tomorrow after the SOU would be a great time to let us know where you stand for ’08 Senator.

  7. Indie Liberal says:

    Ira Leichtman Says:

    “There are many of us waiting in the wings to help, being bombarded by the other campaigns.”

    That’s not suprising, I heard the ones that have already declared are going hard after the endorsements.

  8. DAS San Diego says:


    I understand your point about the concession because I have seen people comment about that on some liberal blogs. However, I feel those people were not his strongest backers anyway.

    I think those complaints are easier said in the heat of frustration over the loss. There was so much work being done behind the scenes to try to right the wrongs in Ohio and other places. But there is only so much he could have done without much more clear cut evidence (& support). Gore had more time on his hands due to winning the popular vote & you see where that got him! It hasn’t been until recently that news has shown Ohio recount was “rigged” or improperly completed because that took an easy route in counting…even with that no “directly intentional” criminal charges were found but I have heard that some people may do some time for neglience?

    It is a painful past (both 2000 & 2004) but again, it is the past. With our new Congress & Senate, we have to look at this as a whole new race. Now Dem candidates (hopefully Kerry will be one) are in a better position to really do something about voting reform, etc.

    The same ones complaining about his concession were’nt marching the streets for a recount nor are they expecting the ’08 frontrunners to do something about the voting problems or expecting some discussion from the frontrunners about it. Sometimes it’s just complaining to complain. I am quick to say that our party does not act as forcefully at times but when it comes to Kerry’s concession – those complaining expected a miracle and look back without acknowleging the issue was multi-faceted.

  9. Ginny Cotts says:

    Thanks for the post Bob. I’m totally with the Senator, even in delaying the announcement until he is ready.

    The recent spate of announcements and press frenzy has added to my “Kerry is right” list. There is too much effort and attention to the ’08 race and not enough to what needs to be done in Congress. Too many elected legislators spending time and effort on their potential presidential campaigns and less on cleaning up after the last 3 Congresses.

    I need to go back to cleaning my house in case the parties start soon…

  10. Dotti Janiak says:

    Ginny, just asked Pamela about you the other day. Hope you’re thawed out a little.

    Glad you’re cleaning your house for the parties. That brought a smile to my face, cuz I was looking around to see if I had enough space in my apartment for one, and how would I arrange the seating, etc.

    Run, John, Run!

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  12. Ginny Cotts says:


    We’ve actually been 10 degrees above freezing today! I’ve been at the computer longer today than I have for 2 weeks I think 🙄

    I’m also looking at all the projects that need to be finished by Aug ’08. 🙂

  13. pen says:

    Very nice post bob and right on the money.
    God knows a part of me doesn’t want to see a good man and his family ran through the meat grinder again especially the GOP/MSM/Clinton meat grinder but he has what it takes to withstand them all.

    All he has to do is believe and set out to make his case. I would continue on trying to govern though something Hillary and Richardson has obviously forgotten about.

    The MSM and the clintons are setting traps for JK but hey, that’s why we are on the Kerry express nothing stops a freight train not even hillary.

  14. Indie Liberal says:


    I know what you mean. I was so mad at the way they smeared him and Momma T. And the DC Dems just played along with it. I agree that all he has to do is make his case and take it straight to the people and communities.

  15. pen says:

    Indie- that’s what he will have to do. The only time he will get straight press is when he is in the debates. Otherwise the GOP/Clintons will control the airwaves.

    They did a number on him and momma t for sure. Folks casting doubts on their marriage and crap like that. You can tell they love each other a lot more than bill and hill and dubya and pickles.

    I think he needs to do country wide and targeted outreach. There is some crap that needs to be cleaned up and it can be done as long as he doesn’t have any traitors DC operatives in his circle.