Richardson’s Team Leading With Pot Shots

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As Pamela notes below, the pot shots in the presidential race are going to be coming fast and furious the next year or so.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson joined the fray on Sunday, and he seemed to be taking opportunities to slam former nominee John Kerry at every turn. When Richardson announced on This Week, he made a statement along the lines of “I don’t want to jump on John Kerry, but our next nominee needs to run in all 50 states, including the western states.”

Then last night on Hardball he again made references to ’04, saying if Kerry had won New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada he wouldn’t have needed to win Ohio to win the White House.

Beyond the stilted logic (one could play “and if you substitute this state for that” until the cows come home), it’s interesting that Richardson is taking every chance of his two day old campaign to bash the former nominee.

Buried in the story about Richardson’s entrance into the race is the fact that he “took himself out of the running” as a potential veep candidate with Kerry in ’04. When he made the crack about winning in the west, Chris Mathews should have asked, “So why didn’t you run with him instead of taking yourself out of contention?”

And the media sure seems to be giving Richardson a pass on his major league gaffe from a couple of years ago. Anyone remember when he claimed on his resume, for more than 40 years, that he had been drafted by the Kansas City Athletics as a pitcher? And then made this gem of a comment when caught: “After being notified of the situation and after researching the matter, I came to the conclusion that I was not drafted by the A’s.” LOL…let’s hope that’s not a campaign motto.

Best of luck, Bill. You’re gonna need it.

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4 Responses to Richardson’s Team Leading With Pot Shots

  1. Nick says:

    So Bill, just what do you think hte Democrats’s chances are of winning Mississippi? Or how about Wyoming? If Kerry had campaigned in those states you’d have criticized him for wasting time there.

    And didn’t JK get 49.2% of the vote in NM-the same your boss got in 1996 and more than yur boss and Al Gore in 1992 and 2000 respectively?

    Come to think of it, progressives wanted to recount the votes in NM because so many were thrown out in 2004-especially in areas of high poverty and Hispanic and Native American density. Who was the governor in NM who wouldn’t allow it? Oh yeah, YOU!

  2. Nick says:

    Oh and Bill

    Kerry won 49.9% of the Western vote-more than any Democrat nominee post-1948 (except of course for LBJ in 1964).

    He also won the Western electoral college vote 77-47 (it would have been 82-42 if votes had been counted correctly in New Mexico).

  3. Dotti Janiak says:

    I moved to Albuquerque in Oct. ’04, and continued working for JK. I didn’t know much about NM politics but heard alot about “the wash” and Governor Bill’s refusal to have a recount, so he just ordered the machines wiped. People I met, from UNM students to seniors, couldn’t believe NM went red.

    In mid-2005, I saw a woman outside a local store who had a Kerry bumper sticker on her vehicle, so I stopped to chat and commiserate with her. I heard her tell me that the Gov was planning to run in ’08, had a web site lined up — all this info from her husband, who worked in some strategic government office.

    So now the Gov is babbling about JK not winning NM?????? So, where was his helping hand in Nov ’04? Oh, that’s right — probably at the Election Board offices wiping machines, mantra-ing “08- 08, that’s my date.”

    There’s a great post over at DU by Horse with no Name: “It Just Hit Me Why Richardson impeded the vote.”

  4. pen says:

    Somebody needs to remind Bill Richardson that if he had handled his business in New Mexico and done a recount perhaps Kerry would have won New Mexico.

    That’s why he would never get my vote he messed Kerry up in 04 and don’t forget Richardson was in charge of the convention to.

    Time to hammer him too.