Well, There’s Always Secretary of State

Assuming a Democrat is elected in ’08 to the White House, I’d like to put my nomination forward for Secretary of State: John F. Kerry. He’s the definition of “statesman” and “diplomat”. And it would be refreshing to have someone who actually knows a thing about foriegn policy at State for a change. Come to think of it, it would be nice to have someone who knew the law at Justice as well.

My more personal take/hissy fit on Kerry’s announcement is up at AoF, but I’m surprised by the number of emails I’ve already received expressing “condolences” and wondering whether AoF and the Dem Daily will continue.

Of course we will, as Pamela reiterated already. For me, my support of Kerry’s vision of the country was an “article of faith”, a phrase he used to describe many of his positions in the campaign of ’04. Why on earth would we go away and abandon what we’ve worked for in the past two years?

The Senator may not be running for president, but he’s running for re-election, and it sounds like he’s going to be a leading voice in “organizing opposition to the war in Iraq.” And none of this changes the fact that he’s the most qualified person in the country to be president. How could we abandon him and his work now?

And on a personal note, the friends I’ve made here are irreplaceable. Pamela is a thoughtful, brilliant and driven blogger who almost single-handedly kept JK’s mission on the map during the “dark days” following the election ’04. Her work with Ron and Sandy at Light Up the Darkness and then here at Dem Daily kept many of us going, and inspired me to start my own blog. Her invitation to post here has been a huge honor, and one I hope is still extended in the future.

This is another “dark day”, one that feels strangely like November 3, 2004. But as Pamela has already said, our work goes on. These are our articles of faith.

UPDATE: John’s Message is up on his blog.

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5 Responses to Well, There’s Always Secretary of State

  1. blue says:

    It goes without saying that John Kerry would be the best Secretary of State in years. But, saying it anyway…

  2. Teresa says:

    Well I was completely wrong. He’s even smarter than I thought.

    The president is a figurehead and a puppet and I sense that he has grown that much from his experience that he realized he was worth more.

    I’m surprised but now I realize I was missing the real event. Kerry’s transformation into the man he has become. Always doing the right thing.

  3. Todd

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  4. Indie Liberal says:

    Thanks for your optimism Teresa. Kerry would have made a good president.

    Thanks to you Pam for leaving the light on. While I am sad Kerry won’t be adding to the 08 debate, I am glad he will continue to fight for the progressive causes in the Senate.

    Being and independent sounds good right now. 🙁

  5. Coldstream says:

    YES! Thank you for saying this!

    John Kerry would be the best Secretary of Sate since William Seward! I have always thought this, even as I supported him for president in 2008. Let’s all work hard to get a Democrat elected president so we can have sort of sway in petitioning for John Kerry for Secretary of State.