So Now What? And Who?

I realize in the shock and grief over John Kerry’s announcement yesterday, most of us can’t really think about where to go or whom to support for ’08 on the Democratic side. And though I’ve always referred to myself as a Kerrycrat more than a Democrat, I am wondering who we, as a community, feel we should line up behind.

Pamela cautions that we shouldn’t be too hasty to bash those in the race, and though I’m with Donnie and guilty of having done just that, I think she’s ultimately right. John Kerry wouldn’t want us turning on the party (even though it’s tempting for those of who see its abandonment of him as being the cause for his decision not to run).

And I just can’t get past the irony of the party and many of its candidates who pushed/begged/pleaded with Kerry not to get in the race, suddenly are congratulating him and sucking up to him in hopes of a 3 million + John Kerry community endorsement and all the $$$ that goes with it.

Talk about having the last laugh. Kerry is more of sought-after rainmaker today than he ever was.

Anyway, just some questions to knock around today. Do we wait to see who Kerry ultimately endorses in the primaries? Do we go with Edwards since he was Kerry’s man in ’04? Is Hillary too far out in front to not bother opposing? Is Obama too green? Does Joe Biden’s hair really look like that?

Let the debates begin. As silly as it sounds, I’m sure our community is being watched closely to see who former Kerry supporters align with. Think of it as us being back in the driver’s seat again.

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23 Responses to So Now What? And Who?

  1. Todd

    Lots of questions and lots to think about. Some arguments for against the various candidates will help in sorting things out. Ultimately it would be a dis-service to the inspiration man who we all admire and respect so much (and love) if we turned our energies to hasty bashing rather than weighing the options.

    On that note, I would suggest everyone take some time when the shock wears off and investigate the websites and the platforms of all of the candidates. I’m not ready to discount anyone at this point and think they all deserve a fair look as we prepare to move forward.

    I’m not sure that JK will pick a primary contender – could be wrong, but I think he may sit that choice out, at least for some time. However I do think that the candidates that support his initiative to bring the troops home will be the most viable in my opinion.

  2. Nick says:

    I consider myself a loyal Democrat and loyal to John Kerry. There are two things Kerry could ask me to do that would make me say “Senator you’re on your own.”

    1. Stop being an Orioles fan- I respect the Red Sox and hate the Yankees as much as any Bosox fan, but my first loyalty is to the O’s (no matter how pathetic they’ve been since the end of the 1980s).

    2. Endorse Hillary-No way no how will I support that liar and grifter. Her and her damn Hillarycare are big reasons why Dems were in the minority in Congress in the first place for 12 years. I didn’t wait a dozen years to see Dems get the majority-only to see the Clinton’s ruin it for us-again!

    I’ll have a post up soon enough as to why this “young worker” has NO respect for Hillary.

    Although I never wanted to face it, I have asked myself whom I would back if JK didn’t run. Even before JK withdrew, I wittled it down to either Edwards or Biden. Still haven’t made up my mind yet. In both men’s defenses I must say I was impressed with their responses to JK’s withdrawal from the race (as well as Teddy’s). I’m still waiting for what Hillary has to say about it.

  3. ifkeditor says:

    Barring some new entry into the race like Gore, I don’t think there’s much to think about. Most of the also-rans are only in it for VP consideration.

    It’s a money and popularity contest at this point.

    I think the choice is easy (for me anyway).

    Barack, Hillary, and maybe Edwards seem to be the most viable.

    Let me caution that this is only my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth. (As a fiscally conservative, socially and environmentally liberal independent, unless the Republicans nominate a real moderate, which I’m not sure is possible, I’ll most likely vote for whoever the dems nominate. However they may be harder pressed to get any of my volunteer time or money depending who they choose.)

    Barack Obama is by far the least offensive to me. And in many way he’s inspiring.

    Yes he’s green, but maybe it’s time the Boomers step aside. As a Gen-Xer it’s time we start addressing issues facing our generation like Global Warming, energy independence, and yes security (including the Middle East, foreign policy, job, and social safety net security). The Boomers have dropped the ball for too long.

    Hillary and Edwards: I’m sure they’d be capable leaders, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to hearing from either of them. I’ll stop there.

    I do look forward to hearing from Barack, though! And hey if nothing else, Kerry gets credit for giving the guy his first national audience with the 2004 Democratic Convention Keynote Address. (which I saw in person and was blown away by).

    I wouldn’t call this an endorsement, so much as thinking out loud.

  4. alrudder says:

    Hi fellow Kerry fans, I hope we can work with his PAC to form a grassroots network for JK. As I posted yesterday, I hope he assumes the role of being the conscience of American politics, now that McCain has totally compromised himself.
    In talking to friends yesterday, so few people could understand my perspective since only a few of us actually thought JK had a chance in ’08. I myself will get probably get involved with Obama up here in the Bay Area, maybe Gore.
    Let’s all stay active!

  5. sandrakae says:

    Okay, here are my thoughts.

    Senator Kerry broke my heart when he announced that he will not seek the Presidency. He realized when he stumbled on the Pronoun in November the lack of Party support he had, even though he raised more money then any member of Congress for 2006 candidates. I will always be a democract, however I will never be blind to the fact that the Democratic Party is very cut throat to their own. This is not the first time I had to settle for second best. I will always beleive that John Kerry would have made one of the best President this country has ever seen. It saddens me that the Presidency of the United States has become a popularity contest, with the winner be chosen by Corporate Media. The only good thing I see out of this is that the people of Massachusetts will not lose their Gem. Something tells me they are going to keep him for a long time to come. Senator Kerry, I have know doubt will work his heart out everyday in the Senate trying to get our heroes home. He knows something about heroes, because he is one.

    Now it is time for me to choose the second best. There is one thing I am sure of and that is that I want a Democrat living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The Democratic Nominee will have my vote in the General Election no matter who it is.

    As for as the primary goes, I could never really support John Edwards. He is still just a one term Senator. He and his wife did a lot of uncalled for Kerry Bashing after the loss.

    I see Hillary as very cut throat. The whole botched joke still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. She can’t seem to have a good idea about anything unless she borrows it from John Kerry. I don’t care what anyone says, Hillary will come with a lot of baggage. I am not talking about the kind of baggage that you have to go back 35 years and make up. The last Clinton Presidency was filled with nothing but contraversy for 8 years and hers will be too.

    As for Barrack Obama. Nice man,but pppllleasse, the Presidency of the United States is not a popularity contest. We need a serious person with lots of experience. He would never get my primary vote.

    Bill Richardson came out Kerry bashing. That is not a way to announce you are running for President. It would take a lot for him to get my primary vote.

    I know what you thinking, who the hell else is left. I am looking at Christopher Dodd, or Joe Biden. I listened to Christopher Dod on CSPAN last night. His voice drove me nuts, but heck I would love to have President whose voice is the only complaint I have.

    Joe Biden can be a little two face, but I do like him and admire him. He has lots of experience.

  6. Pamela writes: “I would suggest everyone take some time when the shock wears off and investigate the websites and the platforms of all of the candidates.”

    I have a quick, easily accessible list of all the ’08 candidates (Dem and Repub) and their websites up at AoF over on the sidebar, if anyone is interested.

  7. Dotti Janiak says:


    I’m not a “young worker” rather an “older worker” yet I second your no. 2 mention above wholeheartedly.

    Long before the joke incident, I saw enough of HRC and the power mongering to make my decision. She did John Kerry a huge disservice with her backstabbing comments following the botched joke which I found despicable, and I do not respect her one iota. I wrote her: “does traveling the road to the WH mean leaving integrity by the curb?’ I have other powerful reasons as well, and I’m interested in seeing your list.

    Right this moment I am in shock and do not feel the need or desire to support any of the ’08 contenders.


  8. Teresa says:


    After the dealing with the blow yesterday, I read your phrase, “rainmaker”, and all was well. This is perfect and you are right. It’s just beginning again with Kerry. He is still coming into his influence, and I bet Hillary wishes it were yesterday. He’s on the loose now. Why is everybody constantly trying to rope him in?
    He’s in a great position and I think about to go on a new road. Some surprising self discovery. I’ve never seen anyone take what he did in the public arena, and as always, he’s proud and tall, and just about to do something. I’m glad he’s superior and detached from this ugly game unfolding. The more the better. He’s not one of them. And suddenly they just got smaller. I’m impressed with how he’s handled it.

    Things happen for reasons and there is a good chance that Kerry would have been restrained by the Presidency just now, and certainly by another campaign. I think he will eventually get the rewards he deserves. He has love and loyalty already, way more than most. Everybody got what they wanted, The Man out of the running, but it will be a phyrric victory. Now he is free to be the power he was destined to be, which the government recognized back in ’71.


    There is a lot ahead in this turn in the road, and a lot to do at Dem Daily. He can use our support more than ever, and we all are free to go on to do what we want in politics in this country which is so sorely in need of leadership.
    He is still the guiding light, and I’m sure he will be way more effective out of the bondage of the fake power office of the Presidency. People will turn to him more and more as they see the lack in all the candidates.

    The whole thing changes now as they all have nothing to complain about. He did what they asked for. Now what? They already feel their loss. Hardly anybody ever can face the truth. Hard road for people like Kerry and us.
    I think this is fascinating and I’ve gone on to a new level with John Kerry. Unexpected and exciting.

  9. Teresa, Todd, et al

    I agree, JK will be the rainmaker this time out. His PAC and it’s 3 million strong membership will have some clout and I suspect we will hear no quick endorsement’s from JK. He’ll watch and listen and look for the candidate who backs his Iraq proposal I think and whoever he chooses will have to mirror his ideals. Tough act to follow if you ask me.

  10. johng says:

    I will always be a Kerrycat, I am still in shock and I still can’t believe JK is out. My second choice has and will be Chris Dodd. I will always think of JK as our President that never was. He has done more in the last 2 years then king bush has done in his entire life. I will support JK in all his efforts and I will do what ever he needs us to do.

  11. Ginny Cotts says:

    I went to the draft Gore sites last night. After hours of being numb, it finally hit me. I totally support this decision, it is very understandable to me. It was still a tough evening and today was sort of a fog. ‘Nother double jack straight should keep the fog from lifting….

  12. Anyone for James Webb?

    Just a thought from left field. He certainly had the fire in his belly responding to the President on the State of the Union Address.

    Having a former Republican Secretary of the Navy might be a good match for McCain.


  13. blue says:

    It’s difficult to think about who to support for President now. First, I’d need to know who among the candidates grandstanded for the media after the joke mess, so I can immediately put those folks at the back of the line. Obviously, Hillary, but who else among those running, and what did they say, exactly? If anyone has the exact quotes, it will help me rank their positions at the back of my endorsement line…

  14. Blue

    Ultimately it’s going to boil down who’s electable and who’s got the almighty $$ flowing in. I think and this is hard to say, that in making his decision not to run, when JK decides to back someone it will be a decision not based on who dissed him after the joke. Right now, I’m reeling with the rest of you and not sure I can even begin to consider who I might back.

    Todd said on his post yesterday on AoF that he felt liberated by JK’s decision. I have a bit of that sense myself. I think the Dem daily can take a new step forward in the blogosphere with the debates on the ’08 candidates as we continue to support the good works of the good Senator from MA in the Senate. If ultimately we don’t all agree with one candidate we can embark on some great conversations, agree to disagree and then come together for the nominee.

    Let’s weigh the candidates and see what they have to offer. Right now I have a bone to pick with most so I guess the best thing to do is start studying up on where they stand on the issues. JK is hard act to follow. They’re all talking stuff JK has talked for a long time – or at least some are.

  15. Alrudder

    I’m glad you started posting and joining the conversation. I owe you an email and will get to it tomorrow. I think JK will lead us in the Senate in a very positive way and shape the tone of the election, although he won’t be a candidate. As crushing as decision was, he’s free to fight like hell and not worry about taking the hits in the same way from the media.

    I hope you’ll stay involved here with us.

  16. blue says:

    Just to clarify, I’m certainly not suggesting that JK would refuse to support someone who dissed him after the joke; I’m suggesting I might. For me, it goes to judgment, and guts. Colluding with the smear machine isn’t gonna cut it with me.

  17. IFKEditor

    I agree Obama, Edwards and Hillary are perhaps at this point the most viable. Hill is going for the whole enchilada with her fundraising for both the primary and the GE, but word has it that some Kerry money folks have already jumped to Obama.

    I can’t fathom making a choice this soon. I don’t see Gore jumping in, perhaps for some of the same reasons JK has not. I’m open to hearing all arguments for and against the candidates. By the by, if you want to add your voice to the front page here, let me know.

  18. Sandrakae

    I like Dodd but have not listened to him much. I don’t know how strong he’ll play. I think Biden may play stronger. Hill, Obama, Edwards… well. Hill has one plus in my book – the woman factor. I can’t overlook how that would turn things for women in politics in this country. It’s long overdue. Obama – the same edge being black – long overdue. Edwards never did much for me the first time out.

    It’s going to be interesting sorting this out. I had the perfect candidate. We all did.

  19. Robert Freedland

    I don’t think the good folks in VA would be too happy if Webb made a dash for the White House after scoring the Senate seat from Allen. He’s got the fire in the belly though. No doubt about it.

  20. Blue

    I hear you. Ultimately we may have no choice. 🙁

  21. johng says:


    I like Dodd to, he is the one I will be backing, Last night Patrick Kennedy endorsed him and I think his dad and JK will to.However I will be helping JK out however I can in his Senate run and backing his every move in the Senate.

  22. MoonDawg says:

    The track record of Senators running for President hasn’t very good over the past half-century. If the Dems were smart (if being the operative conjunction), they’d run Richardson as Pres with Obama as Veep.

    Webb would be a good looking choice for the ticket farther down the road in 2016 (or 2012, if the Dems don’t take ’08), but again, there’s that lousy track record that Senators have running for Pres…which is why folks shouldn’t count out Vilsack next year – Governors have had far better success securing nominations as well as the general election.

  23. bjobotts says:

    The man made for this ’08 Presidency, the down to ‘earth’ lovable character who would bind this country together again, who has experience, charm, popularity, and was against the war from before the invasion, the perfect “imagine” and “if only…”candidate who has already won the popular vote…AL GORE for president. He would also end up uniting the democratic party as any of the top runners are perfect for VP running mates. Imagine a GORE/CLINTON ticket (ironic huh?) or Gore/Obama; Gore/Edwards; Gore/???take your pick. Al Gore is a sure thing for president and that’s a ‘convenient truth’.