“Campaign For Our Country”

Just posted over at JK-com is a thank-you from the Senator to all those who made comments to his announcement Wednesday.

In this thank-you he has asked for people who wanted a John Kerry campaign for the presidency to shift gears and give the same effort for a “campaign for our country”. I think it was a great choice of words and I personally have been able to finally “get out of the funk” I have been in since Wednesday.

I made a brief comment asking the Senator to tell the community exactly what he needed us to do. To me his request is the same kind of request as he and others made to our soldiers and citizens some 35 years ago, and their actions may have shaved years and thousands of lives off the cost of the Vietnam War. Hopefully JK and his team will come up with some concrete, grassroots ways for us to utilize the time and energy that we were preparing to use for a presidential campaign.

If you are in your own “funk”, I highly recommend making a comment over there and letting our favorite Senator know that we’ve still got his back, not just in words on a blog or as attendees to his next event, but members of a community that are ready to act in a very real way when we are called to help make his agenda the primary issue and stance in this country.

— Jav

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7 Responses to “Campaign For Our Country”

  1. BlueWashington says:

    That’s pretty cool Jav, I think I will do just that.


  2. blue says:

    Thanks Javelin. I had already surfed by there today thinking he might respond to all the comments made after his “Still Fighting” post. I’m glad we have this avenue to show our immediate support, letting him know we’re behind him whatever the task.

    Like you, I’m not sure exactly what actions he’ll suggest that we take, but I can think of a couple that will help while we wait to see what JK has in mind. We can take it upon ourselves to send the Set A Deadline link to absolutely everyone we know and encourage them to co-sponsor the legislation. We can write letters to our local papers endorsing Kerry’s proposal. We can call into talk radio shows to voice support for his plan. Etc.

  3. johng says:

    How do we start a nation wide campaign to write in John Kerry for President? Can it be done and is it legall ??

  4. kj says:

    What’s happening over there (John Kerry’s blog) and around the internets is quite remarkable.

    New infusion of spirit seems to be happening, right in front of our noses, once the burden of running for office was cast off. I feel energized in a way I couldn’t have imagined two days ago.

    Miracles Do Happen. 🙂

  5. Teresa says:

    This is good. Positive action.

    I just posted some thoughts on what’s happening below on the “Decider” thread.

    With Kerry rerouting, I think the complete truth about this country’s lack of leadership will hit home. Mr. Bush has become ludicrous and especially so in the last few days. The candidates are looking empty and cheap. The confusion is everywhere…all the politicians, all the heavy blogs…no one knows what the hell is going on.
    It will pass.

    My theory all along was that we need to look to ourselves for this leadership, and now we have no choice. Although the wise among us will continue to work with Kerry, one of the few one who care about the country and the people. He will continue as its leader as the others learn the hard way.

    I couldn’t imagine Kerry not being president…the perfect man for the time. But I was off on the time. The people need to know in their viscera what a good leader is like. So first they have to fully experience the bad. They should have walked away from Bush ages ago, but they are still fixated. So now I know they aren’t ready, and so does Kerry.
    He’ll guide us.

  6. Teresa says:

    I fully agree kj!!!!!

  7. I do feel like I am coming out of the funk like Javelin says. I am starting to feel all partisan ranger. Ready to attack the enemy’s supply line and all!! Now if I could just remember where the hell I left my horse.