The Media: Still Getting John Kerry Wrong

Media Matters has an excellent spanking of the mainstream media and several right wing “drudges” regarding John Kerry’s supposed “tearful” exit from the ’08 race.

Writes Eric Boehlert (bolds mine): “For the record, at no point did Kerry shed any tears on the floor of the Senate last Wednesday; he simply did not “cry.” Rather, during a single sentence Kerry became emotional and his voice caught. The press’ key distortion though, was that the single sentence had nothing to do with running for president again. Instead, Kerry was momentarily overcome with emotion when he noted that the misguided war in Iraq threatened to undo everything he had fought for since his return from Vietnam more than three decades ago.”

You should read Boehlert’s analysis. I had no idea that, even in announcing his non-participation in the ’08 presidential sweepstakes, the lazy, shiftless, mainstream media is still taking its talking points from the right wing kooks and swiftboating John Kerry (and any other Dem for president, beware).

Hat Tip: Crooks and Liars

Ooops…Pamela and I were thinking/writing again at the very same moment: she has more below

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4 Responses to The Media: Still Getting John Kerry Wrong

  1. mbk says:

    I consider the abnegation of responsibility by the mainstream media these last 6 years to be of criminal magnitude. I would guess that the media, along with all the go-along-to-get-along Dems have it in for Kerry because he is really, truly serious about changing this country, and because he doesn’t indulge in the boot-licking so favored by the Beltway Bunch.
    A pox on all of them.

  2. When, if ever, will the right wing media end their vile attacks on this nobel, intellegent, and patriotic man? It was truly America’s loss not to have elected Senator Kerry in 2004. Instead we were left with four more years of the totally inept King George II. (AKA “The Decider”) It was the vicious and unwarranted, republican sponsored swift boat attacks that prevented us from having a president with integrity. As a Vietnam veteran myself, I feel it was so ironic that Bush (who got out of going) was portrayed as the hero. Every day that Senator Kerry served in Vietnam could have well been his last. Mr. Bush never had to awake during the war years contemplating his own death!! Senator Kerry is a man of conscience and he, like I, worked to end the war once returing state side.
    Now, even in his announcement that he will not run in 2008, the right wing paranas continue to attack and discredit him!! The unwarranted attacks on Senator Kerry and his family have been pure, evil, character assasination. Hang in there JK, if the democratic nominee wins the presidency, you would be the obvious choice for a cabinet possition. Secretary of State Kerry sounds real good!!

  3. Buzz

    Secretary of State Kerry does sound real good. Still would have preferred President Kerry. Always will.