Kerry Adjusts to “Normal Life of Senate”

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This morning’s NYT has a funereal article about John Kerry’s “re-adjustment” to life as a “presidential also-ran”. Frankly, reading it is like reading an obituary:

“Senator John Kerry keeps to himself around the Capitol. He is always rushing somewhere, head down, disappearing into elevators. A Senate loner for 22 years, Mr. Kerry seems all the more isolated now as he darts past the media hordes around the next set of presidential seekers, colleagues that include Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama.

“Mr. Kerry ratified his status as Dead Candidate Walking in an emotional speech on the Senate floor two weeks ago. “We came close, certainly close enough to be tempted to try again,” Mr. Kerry said, referring to his 2004 campaign.

“His announcement could have been a dignified valedictory moment. But the enigmatic Mr. Kerry is often misunderstood, and several news reports said he had cried when saying he would not run; in fact, he choked up earlier in his speech when talking about an Army captain he had met in Iraq who had been killed.”

[snicker] Notice the Times’ backpedaling there, as they too were one of the mainstream media outlets who reported Kerry as having “cried” about not running again. But I found this piece interesting too:

“As the 2008 presidential campaign takes shape, friends say it has annoyed Mr. Kerry to keep hearing about how formidable his onetime running mate, John Edwards, the former North Carolina senator, might be.” Friends say that Mr. Kerry feels betrayed by Mr. Edwards, whom he defeated easily in the 2004 Democratic primaries and faults for being too quick to second-guess their campaign, distance himself from it and embark on his own 2008 effort.”

Hmmm….so I’m guessing a Kerry endorsement of Edwards’ candidacy is right around the corner.

It really is a sad piece, ultimately. The man gave so much to this country and to the Democratic party, and to be shunned like some kind of leper or “pariah or something is just….

I’m telling ya, I’m thinking of going independent.

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16 Responses to Kerry Adjusts to “Normal Life of Senate”

  1. mbk says:

    These days, I am as fed up with the Democratic Powers that Be as I am with the Republicans. Until at least the Dems start giving Sen. Kerry the credit he richly deserves, until they acknowledge they start listening to this man, and acknowledge the truth about him, I see little hope for either my party, or my country.

    The sniping and carping of the current crop of Democratic presidential wannabes– and, most of all, their utter lack of generosity towards fellow Dems, most especially towards Kerry– is proof positive of their smallness. Color me unimpressed, and depressed.

  2. Connie says:

    MBK, my feelings exactly. It always bothered me that JK’s colleagues took so long to get behind him in ’04, but I remained encouraged with the heavy weight endorsements JK WAS getting quietly by the deep thinkers and true statesmen in our country. Now we are seeing that those who came late, did so reluctantly, and we see how little grasp they had of his vision for America. That wasn’t because he wasn’t saying over and over again, but they were so busy promoting their own ideas, that they weren’t listening.

    I keep up with Kerry’s work on our behalf in the senate now with a big smile on my face. Thankfully, Pamela keeps close tabs on our man. He couldn’t be in a more pivotal place right now to change the course of history with his legislation and his votes. The MSM is still asleep and ever so wrong about just about everything political, but with JK working for us daily at his real post (for now), we the people will show them.

  3. Is this what passes for journalism these days in the NYT? Oh wait, I know they and others have always written this sort of tripe.

    Personally I hope it’s a cold day in you know where before JK endorses you know who.

  4. Todd,

    I believe that Senator Kerry would want us to continue to support whoever the Democratic Party selects. Forget the “independent” notion like Senator Lieberman. Kerry, is above all a Democrat.

    It does not mean that I at all support the treatment he has received. But it means that like Senator Kerry, we need to be pragmatic. We need to continue to work to advance his goals. He would be the first to say that the “who” is not as important as the “what” of the substance of leadership in the Democratic Party.

    Think this way, ‘If I were advising Senator Kerry, I probably would agree that he has one more run for President possible.’ 2008 wasn’t in the cards for him. If we have Senator McCain running against Senator Clinton or Senator Obama, or even Senator Edwards, the outcome is not a foregone conclusion.

    Anyone think I should start a new blog “John Kerry for President 2012”?


  5. blue says:

    After watching Edwards yesterday on MTP, all I can say is, I’m still waiting to be impressed.

    As for Kerry, anyone with presidential aspirations who would shun him is vastly underestimating the loyalty he commands among millions of supporters.

  6. BliueWashington says:

    The NYT’s story was pretty much a hit piece. Mark Leibovich’s editor could have run a pencil through at least half that story.
    Yeah, the current field of candidates don’t impress me. Enough of Hillary – I’m tired of the press pushing candidacy – they just want a story to follow.
    Obama, nice guy, good ideas – but I’m dubious on the race issue.
    I was interested to hear what Richardson said at the DNC cattle call last week, but I thought he missed his priories. He hit the war toward the end of his speech. I still have my eye on him, but I want to hear more; Iraq is the most important issue of our time.
    Therefore, I’m kinda backing into Edwards…

  7. Bob, I think it’s an interesting idea (2012), but it depends on if a Dem wins in ’08.

    I’m not abandoning Kerry’s ideals, but I find little tolerance in the Dem party for his ideas or vision, at this point.

    I’m interested in who IFKeditor is leaning towards. He was the ringleader of independents for Kerry, and I was an independent before ’04, truth be told.

  8. Here’s a thought on the lines of going independent – Can we start the Kerry Independent party?

    On that note, I’m interested to see who IFKEditor is leaning towards myself.

    Agree, we have to keep leading the way with adnancing JK’s goals – that’s a given.

  9. Nick says:

    BlueWashington and all

    Frnakly I’m wary of Richardson. After being elected governor of NM in 2002-at a time when states were as strapped for cash than at any time since WWII-this guy had the bright idea to cut income and capital gains taxes! He was Sec. of Energy during the oil price spike of 1999-2000 and the Wen Ho Lee national security scandal.

    Richardson has also been quoted as saying that the next Democratic nominee needs to campaign in all 50 states. So governor, does that mean that we should go campaign in Mississippi and Alabama? If the answer is no, then Richardson should stop saying such stuff about 50 state campaigns. If the answer is yes, then Richardson is just to naive politically to mount a good campaign. Imagine if Kerry had lost Ohio because of time spent in Missisippi, the Democratic Party would’ve had JK tarred and feathered.

    By the way, did I mention that as Ambassador to the UN-at ther request of a White House Staffer and without asking why-he once offered a job to Monica Lewinsky? Monica turned Richardson down. The rest is, as they say, history. Very Very taudry history.

  10. mbk says:

    I’m also wary of Richardson. Having once been a NM neighbor, I’d heard lots of stories about him as governonr, some of them from eyewitnesses, and they all had a strong flavor of back-slapping hack.

  11. Nick

    Politics in general has a taudry history don’t you think. I love that word, by the way – very descriptive.

    I don’t know much about Richardson’s history, but have looked around on his website a little and listened to the speech.

    I guess I’m just not ready to look at anyone seriously still.

  12. mbk says:

    “I guess I’m just not ready to look at anyone seriously still.”
    My mood, too, Pamela.

  13. MBK

    It’s so bleak – I just read on Politico that supposedly the Repus think Hill is a shoe in.

  14. mbk says:

    Bleak is the word. I watched the entire winter conference, and was even more dismayed than I was before. I certainly hope the Repubs’ prediction doesn’t come to pass. .

  15. Nick says:


    Yeah politics can be taudry that’s for sure. I guess my beef is that even before Lewinskygate I thought the Clinton’s were more than tawdry, they were disgusting.

    I think the Republicans are still in shock from losing Congress. When “trauma” happens in life people go from not believing it can happen to believing it will only get worse. Of course, a lot of Republicans really think Hillary is really all that liberal? LOL

  16. Jean says:

    I would be in support of John Kerry as an independent candidate. The Times and MSM is working overtime to try to slander and discourage Sen Kerry because they don’t have him in their pocket. But we know Sen Kerry works for the American people and he will not give up on our troops and values of our Country.