Kerry Radio Interviews Monday with Imus, Ed Schultz and Heading Left

Senator John Kerry is scheduled to speak on The Ed Schultz Show this Monday, February 12th sometime between 2:05 – 2:15 pm EST. He will be discussing his SetADeadline proposals.

Let’s make sure we both listen and get some calls in supporting him in his new “campaign”. As noted previously he will also be on George Stephanoupolis this Sunday as well.

Kerry will also be on Imus in the Morning on Monday and right after his interview on Ed Schultz he’ll be on The Heading Left Show. Details below:

7:29 am EST: MSNBC – “Imus in the Morning” TV and Radio: watch on live on MSNBC, or check here to find your local radio station.

2:17 – 2:32 pm EST: The Heading Left Show on BlogTalk Radio: Hosted by James Boyce and Nate Wilcox. Check here to get the phone number for call ins and listen to the show live via streaming.

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2 Responses to Kerry Radio Interviews Monday with Imus, Ed Schultz and Heading Left

  1. Javelin says:

    Caught almost all of Ed, that’ll be mp3’d on shortly for those who missed it.
    Haven’t checked for a recap of Imus yet.
    I was recording the conversation on Heading Left and fudged it, they’re supposed to post it later on.
    I’ll try to host these files on my site ASAP.

    The “BlogTalkRadio” is, in a nutshell, EXACTLY what I have been trying to do with various voice programs for a while now. I went ahead and locked down “The Democratic Daily” as a station name and now (drum roll please) we basically have a free radio call-in show 24/7 whenever we want/need it…for free!….now how many of you want your own radio show or would help others with theirs???!!!???

  2. Javelin says:

    Oh, and I did call in to the Heading Left Show. Someone had already asked a question similar to mine, and I tried to expound on it a little because I thought it was important. (“What thoughts does the Senator have in going through some of the same kind of things with Iraq as he did with Vietnam only this time from the perspective of a Senator”.)