Ouch! That had to hurt!

This story is one that boggles the mind. He jumped, pulled chute, chute failed, he hit ground, and he survived! Holy cow, that just had to hurt like hell. I’m talking about the kind of hurt involved with being locked in a cell and having the sounds of conservative pundits piped into the cell 24/7.

Skydiver Michael Holmes of New Zealand, jumped “from a plane at 14,000 feet — more than two miles up” and after his chutes failed, he landed in a blackberry bush and lived to tell the story.

Spinning violently out of control as he fell toward Earth and an almost-certain death at hundreds of miles per hour, skydiver Michael Holmes had a split second to consider his demise when his parachute and a reserve failed high above New Zealand in December.

“Oh, [expletive]! I’m dead. Bye,” said Holmes, who landed in a bush and lived to tell about it in an exclusive interview on TODAY on Monday.

Holmes’ harrowing escape from death, desperate farewell, wave goodbye and hard landing in a blackberry bush were captured by the helmet-mounted cameras he and fellow skydiving instructor Jonathan King donned Dec. 13 before jumping from a plane at 14,000 feet — more than two miles up.

OUCH! Be sure to read the whole story and see how he says he will jump again.

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