Dan Riehl sucks out loud

I posted on this yesterday at my place and mentioned it to Pamela in a comment. So I am posting it here for everyone to see how depraved the wingnuts really are. This putrid spew from the same bunch of rabid loons that wish to make issues out of non-issues?

Where is the cry of foul and off with his head from the likes of Malkin now? Oh that’s right, little miss muffet is still spewing out the hate on Amanda and Melissa. What class you and the rest are showing miss muffet. Nice to see that they are the true champions of all that is pure. BLECH!! The following is not the only spew coming from Riehl as of late. He has a lot more insanity and brain damage to spare.

Dan Riehl sucks! In case you didn’t know already. In a post titled “Pardon My French” he takes a cheap shot at the Dixie Chicks and refers to them as “Dixie Clits”

But I can’t resist – it seems the Dixie Clits were the focus of that music industry masturbatory fantasy they call the Grammy Awards. I would have watched, but my toenails were having a growth spurt and it was simply that much more fascinating to watch.

Way to go you right wing neanderthal knuckle dragger! Be careful ladies, if you get too close to him, he might club you over the head and drag you back to his cave.

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8 Responses to Dan Riehl sucks out loud

  1. Donnie

    The hatred from this crowd is really astounding. They play so prim and proper with their outrages against the liberals but we all know they are the twisted ones.

  2. Donnie

    Another note on this – I’ll betcha Mr fantasy does more of what he accuses the music industry of than the average liberal. 😉

  3. If you think this is crazy, he has more like the one about some place doing a symbolic vote against the “N” word. Yet Melissa and Amanda are supposed to be the bigots. Hateful bunch of cowards! BTW, our old friend Darth Malice is hanging around there making comments. I called him out twice so far about not wanting his kid to enlist to support the war like he claimed to do. Two post and two comments and the crickets they are achirping…

    I think I might get some of the examples of their offensives and make a data bank to use against them for stuff like this. I’m sure many others like Melissa and Amanda would be more than willing to contribute links to the most putrid examples of the wingers.

  4. Donnie

    Check your email –

  5. I just checked it and see nothing. I will try again. Might not have gotten there yet.

  6. Donnie

    Evidently we’re on pony express email tonight – trotting across the country to get to you. 😉

  7. Still waiting for it, maybe dubya had to take a peek and is causing a dalay. *smirk* I have both the hotmail and the gmail opened up right now.

  8. Donnie

    Hmmm…. I’m working on something and will send it again.