Did Hillary Put a Foot In It on Health Care

I’m no doctor and I don’t play one on TV. And I am most definitely not in the business of health insurance-except for getting health care through my job as a teacher. So someone who knows more than me please answer this question. Is it possible to expand health insurance access in America without spending more money? Hillary Clinton seems to think so. Hillary’s visit to NH over the Feb. 10-11 weekend drew a lot of attention-especially her refusal to call her IWR vote a mistake. Yes it was a bad vote-but it’s in the past and we can’t change it. Health care and what we do about it is a front and center present and future issue. So how does Hillary feel about health care? The WaPo explains:

“Clinton is sending a message to primary voters as well as to her opponents that governing — unlike campaigning — is about finding common ground and forging compromise, not making difficult promises. It’s a message she believes is striking fear in Republicans. “I’m the one person they are most afraid of,” she said during a stop in Nashua. “Bill and I have beaten them before, and we will again.”

“Her approach is evident on health care, which Clinton unsuccessfully tried to revamp in the early 1990s while she was first lady. She pointedly refused to offer a comprehensive proposal over the weekend, instead theorizing on how the current system is failing and criticizing those who she said believe that throwing more money at the problem will solve it. This month, Edwards unveiled a health-care proposal that would cost $90 billion to $120 billion annually and be funded mainly by raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

I am looking for answers that will not have us spend more money,” Clinton said. “I am convinced we can do that.”

Personally, I think Hillary is wrong. Sure solving health care involves more than just “throwing money” at it, but that’s true for a lot of issues. And in any event, it’s one thing to criticize throwing money-it’s quite another to deny that spending more money is not needed at all.

So is it possible to expand health care in a way “that will not have us spend more money”? Or is Hillary blowing so much smoke she’s making the Chicago Fire look like a backyard cookout?

We report, you decide.

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