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For those that know me, you know how much I get angered with the way our military and veterans get treated sometimes. I now point you to a post from a military wife that brings it on home. The post is kind of long and has quite a few links. So if you have to go back and read a little at a time, then do it. Just make sure to read all the info.

I don’t really ask much of my readers here at Veritably Bare. There’s a bunch of you who lurk every day. I know who about half of you are. Today I’m asking you to please read this post in its entirety. Read the links when I ask you to do so.

I hope to encourage you to take action.

I. A Comparison

Congressional Pay Raise

In 1989, Congress made annual pay raises automatic unless lawmakers voted otherwise. This means that every year they give themselves a pay raise without having to take a vote which could make them look like the assholes they are for taking it. Rep. Jim Matheson from Utah tried to change policy so that Congress must have a direct vote for the salary increases, but his attempt was futile. Last year this meant an extra $3,300, increasing their already inflated salaries to $168,500. (Source: MSNBC, “House lawmakers give themselves $3,300 raise”, 6/13/06)

Military Pay Raise

Last year Congress gave the military a pay raise of 2.2% (Source: This was the lowest pay raise since 1994 (Source: The Democratic Daily, 2/16/06). This means that my husband will earn an extra $42 per month in 2007.

The whole post

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2 Responses to Veritably Bare: Unacceptable

  1. sumo says:

    Hi Donnie…I went to her site and found an important link that I intend to share with many of my friends. The America Supports You link is busy with areas of interest. Glad I found you here too.

  2. What a suprise Sumo! Welcome to The Democratic Daily. This is the birth palce of my blogging and where I became the K-Crat! You have Pamela and the crew to thank for that. I am gonna have to put up a link at my place to Sis B. That was one hell of a post she did. Well worth the read. On my way now to check out Dizzy Dezzi and see if she has any more on our planned shave your head protest.