Kerry Lets Loose

Head over to Huffington Post, because Bob Geiger has a post up about yesterday’s Senate Foreign Relations committe hearing when John Kerry finally got to go head to head, toe to toe, with one of the major supporters of the Swift Boat Veterans for Lies.

“The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on Tuesday to consider the nomination of Sam Fox, a wealthy St. Louis businessman, to be the new U.S. Ambassador to Belgium…Fox gave a whopping $50,000 to help fund the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth smear campaign against John Kerry in 2004….And in being questioned by the Senate panel yesterday, Fox had to face one of the senior members of that committee in… Senator John Kerry.

What followed was riveting theater, with Kerry coldly staring down a clearly-nervous Fox and Bush’s nominee withstanding a barrage of questions from Kerry that the Massachusetts Senator nicely referred to as questions of Fox’s “judgment” while many of us would have just flat-out called him a scumbag.

Here’s a partial transcript:

Kerry: So, who asked you to give to the SBVT?

Fox: I can’t tell you specifically who did because, you know, I don’t remember. As a matter of fact, if I…

Kerry: You have no recollection of why you gave away $50,000?

Fox: I gave away $50,000 because I was asked to.

Kerry: But you have no recollection of who asked you to give away $50,000?

Fox: No, sir. I’ve given away sums much larger than that to a lot of other places and I can’t tell you specifically who asked me, no.

Kerry: Well, you don’t think that’s it’s important as a citizen, who doesn’t like 527s to know where your money is going and how it’s going to be spent?

Fox: Well, I think with most contributors and if you go to the other side of the political campaigns and we give to individual candidates, we don’t know how they’re going to use that money and what…

Kerry: Well, sir, let me ask you this question: Did you or did you not in any of the public comments being made at the time, which I assume you were following, hear or read of any of the public statements at that point in time, with respect to the legitimacy of these charges and these smears?

Fox: Mr. Senator, I can say this…

Kerry: Did you miss this: In September of 2004, Vice Admiral Ruth, with the Navy Inspector General, wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Navy that was made public — the New York Times, the Washington Post, every major newspaper in the country carried, saying their examination found that the existing documentation regarding my medals was legitimate. Did you miss that too?

Fox: I don’t remember those, but I’m certain at the time I must have read them.”

LOL. What a scumbag indeed. Read the transcript, and if anyone finds a video link, please post asap. Even Barack Obama jumped on Fox, calling his answers to Kerry’s questions “unsatisfying”.

It does sound like great political theater…delicious political theater.

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7 Responses to Kerry Lets Loose

  1. pen says:

    About damn time one of the swift boats finally got their butts kicked.

    I hope Cspan replays this one.
    If the dems had any decency they would deny the bastard the ambassadorship and send a message to bush.

    But of course had this been anyone other than kerry, progressives, liberal and dems alike would have been calling their reps to demand they vote this bastard down on principle.

    It may not be a big post but this swift boat and his lies cost this country big time. There is no way anyone doesn’t know who they gave $50K to.

  2. Indie Liberal says:

    “But of course had this been anyone other than kerry, progressives, liberal and dems alike would have been calling their reps to demand they vote this bastard down on principle.”

    Exactly. The double standard in the blogosphere is interesting. Not.

  3. pen says:

    Hey Indie, the double standard with Kerry is down right stifling and the msm and the dems are guilty of it big time.

    My thing is why didn’t this guy being a swift boater come up before this hearing? What dem in their right mind would vote for this creep? well holy joe seems to like him from what some over in the huffington post said so I’m sure he will be confirmed.

    To me if the dems vote for this prick they are rewarding the swift boaters and betraying Kerry big time.

    Hopefully Kerry will put a hold on it and not vote for this man he isn’t qualified.

    Obama decides the guy isn’t honest but the way he did it seems like he is just role playing to.

    We will find out when the vote comes up.

  4. BlueWashington says:

    I was kinda hoping that at the end of Fox’s testimony, JK would’ve said something like, “Lord, deliver me from this evil…”

  5. Indie Liberal says:

    Good questions pen, why would any Dem vote for this smear jerk? And why haven’t we heard more from the rest of the Dems besides Kerry and Obama on this

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