New Books: Tom Bissell, Take a Bow.

I recently finished a book called God Lives in St. Petersburg by Tom Bissell. For someone of my age (early fifties) it can be a little annoying to encounter members of the younger generation (thirty-something generation X, Y or whatever) with superior insight. At the same time it’s great to know that the younger folks, with all their tacky gadgetry, are still interested in good writing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Bissell is from Escanaba, Michigan, which is on Big Bay De Noc, the north shore of Lake Michigan, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Much of the UP’s economy has to do with tourism and recreation, but I’ve always found something forlorn about it. There are good times to be had, … Continue reading

Words to Debate Iraq By

This morning evokes thoughts of our 34th President, Dwight David Eisenhower. He died on this day, March 28, 1969, thirty-eight years ago. Not much of an anniversary, but in this time of Bush, Cheney, Rove and Gonzales, the man everybody called Ike is more and more a reminder of a lost American decency. I met the general-turned-politician one night in 1964 when he invited half a dozen editors to dinner in Gettysburg, Pa. He had had a bad day, taking phone calls from friends about whether or not he should speak out against the nomination of Barry Goldwater for President. Besieged with advice, Eisenhower asked wistfully, “Why is the will of God known to so many people but not to … Continue reading

Cops and Robbers, Purple Fingers, Democracy In Tall Afar

1st Armored Division Soldiers conduct a combat patrol in Tal Afar, Iraq in their M2 Bradley fighting vehicle.Photo by Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon Editors note: The photograph above was taken in February 2006 at a time when Bush was reporting Tall Afar as an Iraqi success story. I think Bush saw the city as an example of the Iraqi version of “no child left behind.” The headline reads: “Gunmen Go On Rampage In Iraqi City” above a story by Joshua Partlow in this morning’s Washington Post. It seems that the Malaki/Bush/Cheney/Halliburton Democracy left a few legal and procedural fundamentals out of their Police Academy training manual or perhaps they are using a revised Middle Eastern version of the Chicago Police … Continue reading

Former US Attorney in DoJ Voting Section Reveals Pattern of Bush Interference on Political Cases

Joseph D. Rich, chief of the voting section in the Justice Department’s civil rights division from 1999 to 2005, writes in the LA Times today on “Bush’s long history of tilting Justice”.
In what has to be yet another card falling from the GOP/BushCO house, Rich reveals the all too familiar pattern of Bush’s political appointees interfering with the work of long term civil servants for political power. Continue reading

Alberto Gonzales Ignores Case of Sexual Abuse in Texas Boy’s Prison

Hat tip to Pursey. U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, went to Denver to talk about his Project Safe Childhood campaign. He met with law enforcement leaders and three local high school students. Reporters were of course, barred from asking questions. Embattled U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales pushed ahead in Denver today with one of his main initiatives: improving child safety against online sexual predators. Gonzales met with leaders of the Colorado law enforcement community and three local high school students about his Project Safe Childhood campaign. The group previewed ads designed to persuade children to “think before you post” private information on the Internet. “This is a war. I worry about how much progress we are making…” Gonzales said, calling … Continue reading

David Stockman: Supply Side Indictment

Talk about a story that seems to have come out of nowhere: “David A. Stockman, 60, the former Michigan congressman and budget director for President Ronald Reagan, and three others — J. Michael Stepp, the chief financial officer; David R. Cosgrove, the controller; and Paul C. Barnaba, director of purchasing [for Collins & Aikman] — now face charges that include bank fraud and conspiracy and obstruction of justice. All four defendants surrendered yesterday and all pleaded not guilty in Federal District Court in Manhattan. All were released on bond.” Wow. You remember David Stockman from the 80’s, right? He was Reagan’s OMB Director and the chief advocate of “Trickle Down Economics”; the lame-brain theory that massive tax cuts to the … Continue reading