Giuliani Enjoys Support of Some Libertarians

Rudy Giuliani in drag
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In a previous post, I mentioned that, according to Rasmussen Reports, Gore and Edwards are matching up better than either Obama or Clinton in hypothetical races against Rudy Giuliani, the current Republican front-runner. Eric of Mainstream Libertarian points out that, if nominated, Rudy Giuliani would be the first Libertarian Republican to run since Barry Goldwater. Goldwater was a good guy. As a kid in 1964, I remember drinking cans of ginger ale called Goldwater. AuH2O in 64!

I was not aware of this Libertarian streak of Giuliani’s, and since I can relate to certain aspects of the Libertarian agenda (liberty, personal privacy, secular government, etc), I’d like to learn more about him. The terms liberty, liberal, and libertarian, after all, have the same Latin root word: liber.

Giuliani must have done a respectable job as mayor of NYC and he seems like a positive, self-effacing guy. You have to like someone who can laugh at himself. Maybe he’d do all right as president.

I guess the only question is, if elected, what would he wear to the Inauguration?

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7 Responses to Giuliani Enjoys Support of Some Libertarians

  1. Marjorie G says:

    Rudy helped clean up Times Square, helped get rid of the squeegee (sp?) people who terrorized at the traffic light, and made the real estate market safe with too many tax breaks.

    Also an authoritarian thug who never apologized however much his beloved police overeacted. Created horrible racial tensions.

    Announced at a press conference he was divorcing his wife, who hadn’t been notified before. They were estranged.

    The WTC tragedy redeemed a very chilly picture of him, exactly because he was the only public face, while Georgie was hiding. His take charge authoritarian streak was very useful.

    However, there is a lot to the day’s decision-making, not so funny inconsistencies which have been white-washed and not investigated. That’s what we have about 9/11, when we’d rather GOP accountability. Guiliani continued to hawk the communications systems that failed that day, for profit.

    Continue to question why we have America’s mayor, and maverick McCain, but compromised Dems.

    Guiliani offers the moderate power grab for the bluer states, NY and CA, which are really very purple.

  2. Looking at Rasmussen’s favorable/unfavorable ratings of the candidates (very positive for RG), it’s pretty clear America doesn’t really know the guy aside from the post-911 rally.

  3. Eric Dondero says:

    The major media is identifying Rudy Giuliani as a “Libertarian.” He was referred to as a “Libertarian” or a “Libertarian Conservative” by the London Times-Herald, IBD, NY Sun, National Review Magazine, American Spectator, and LA Times in the last few weeks. The NY Times even called him a “budget cutting, privatizing Ayn Randian.”

    Rudy has a bunch of Libertarian supporters now. Just last week libertarian Congressman David Dreier of California endorsed him. Two libertarian California Assemblymen are now backing him. Bill Simon, son of libertarian economist William E. Simone, is now his Policy Director. Self-described “Libertarian” Actor Tom Selleck is a Rudy supporter. Just breaking… Adam Sandler will be attending next week’s Rudy fundraiser in Hollywood.

    Now, the poster above may not be familiar with the political spectrum, but Libertarian is the polar opposite of Authoritarian.

    The distinguished Survey Index identifies Giuliani as a 60/60 scorer. This they say, makes him a “Moderate Libertarian.” He is the ONLY major Presidential candidate to get a Libertarian designation on their scorecard.

    Fiscally Conservative/Socially Tolerant = Libertarian.

    I think the poster above, needs to go back and take a few more courses on Poli Sci. She’s clearly misguided on what Libertarian and Authoritarian mean.

    Eric at Libertarians for Giuliani

    Fmr. Senior Aide, US Congressman Ron Paul

    BA, Political Science, FSU

  4. I just can’t imagine RG representing the “Red States,” let alone winning any of their primaries. Their natural candidate is Huckabee, in my opinion, and I expect his stock to rise very soon. Guess we’ll see.

  5. Eric Dondero says:

    I happen to live in one of the Reddest of Red States — Texas. Nobody even knows who Huckabee is here in Texas. Everyone I know in the GOP is enthusiastically backing Giuliani. There’s a few people interested in Romney. But I haven’t heard anyone come out for him.

    Giuliani has almost got this nomination sown up.

    Here’s an interesting factoid: For the past 40 years every GOP Nomination candidate who was ahead at this point, eventually went on to win the Nomination.

  6. Marjorie G says:


    I am from New York, fully aware of the real Rudy, and also savvy about the labels people use to get elected or get traction.

    Conservative is not selling, even though the current form isn’t what I think of as Conservative. The Rockefeller Republican I grew up were simpatico friends.

    David Dreier, one of Bush’s constant supporters, may feel he is the best of the bunch. Just as many Dems are not that thrilled with our choices quite yet.

    Anyone in leadership here has to bow down to the real estate market, our true industry, so Rudy’s embrace is a tradition.

    He was credited with cleaning up NY because of being very Authoritarian, my way or the highway persona, that many people think is necessary for a big urban metropolis.

    The country sees him as America’s mayor, thanks to the media needing a hero. Perpetuating that myth because they want GOP control and not progressive change, certainly not honesty.

    They could have had that with Kerry.

    That said, Ron Paul (R), TX is wonderful. I post his speeches often.

  7. Eric Dondero says:

    I worked for Ron Paul for 12 years. I served as his Senior Congressional Aide from 1997 to 2003.

    Yes, Ron Paul is wonderful on economic issues: like cutting spending and abolishing the IRS, and also gun rights. But his views on foreign policy leave a lot to be desired. He’s soft on Islamo-Fascism. He doesn’t recognize the threat that the Radical Islamists pose to the United States. He thinks that if we just pulled out, they’d leave us alone.

    He’s naiive at best on the Islamo-Fascist threat. His opposition to the War in Iraq is the reason I resigned my employ with him after 12 years.

    Eric Dondero, Libertarian Republican
    Houston, Texas