Life According to Ann Coulter

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7 Responses to Life According to Ann Coulter

  1. Kathleen Bushman says:

    Since I believe that we should respect the elitist aspirations of the typical Republican, I try to create titles worthy of their status:
    Her Ladyship, Trailer Trash Coulter, Sir Shooter of the 5th Deferment and Sir Rush of the Anal Cysts, for instance. Please feel free to make your own contributions.

  2. Ann Coulter is a bigot of the worst type. She tries to pass off her demeaning remarks as humor but instead they are malicious attacks. She is an equal opportunity bigot in that she attacks gays, women, blacks, hispanics, and jews with equal impunity. She even went on record as stating that the widows of 9/11 victims were simply self centered, fat, and opportunistic women who simply want to get their 15 minutes of fame. She has no conscience and is obviously shameless.
    I support all of the liberties of free speech guaranteed under our Constitution’s first admendment. However all effort should be made to limit the opportunity to afford this nut a stage. I feel stores selling her books should be peacefully boycotted. The sponsors on the TV shows on which she appears should also be boycotted and the company owners informed of your displeasure. The managing officials of all stations on which she appears should be made aware of her venomious speech.
    I was happy to see that several leaders of the Republican party have publicly denounced her. As most are aware, the freedom of speech gives no one the right to scream fire in a crowded movie theater when there is none. This woman represents all that is wrong in society today. She lacks decency, empathy, compassion, and respect for all but herself!! All efforts must be made to legally stop her prejudicial soap box diatribes!!

  3. Steven Roach says:

    thank you so much for your oppinions on my comic i think I almost pinned her down but not harsh enough

  4. Steven Roach says:

    here is the article that gose with the comic

    Deer Ann Coulter.

    Despite the fact that you managed to insult a significant population of Americans, while appearing on television. I thank you for the way you managed to portray your self and some people who think in the similar way you do. I agree with some of the republicans a personal insult like that is going way to far. I mean come on Ann did you really have to call John Edwards a fag, in front of a national audience, Ann aren’t you a Christian (don’t you believe in doing on to others then they do on to you?). I watched Ann on Cnn and saw the way she acted I would not allow any of my future children to see someone who is so low brow that they make Howardstern seem moral. I mean come on Ann, you say that we liberals are lacking in intelligence and in morals, well how moral is it to publicly call some one a gay or lesbian, are all liberals gay or lesbians no we are not.
    By means that you call your self Ann Coulter a Christian woman, but yet conveniently; act like Howardstern(minus the sex and actual human decency) you are not any better then Howardstern.
    Ann Coulter’s “March editorial 9th 2005 you say the democratic part and every other party are champions of adultery, fornication”. Well as that pertains to you as well not necessarily adultery and fornication but perpetuation of bigotry and Nazism I saw you perform on CNN; you Ann Coulter has become a party to perpetuation of Bigotry and Nazism.
    Wow I have never seen a woman spawn so much hatred. It just amazes me how low Ann Coulter will go to draw attention to her self. Why not challenge Mr Edwards on his principals? Why not attack his voting records while he was a senator? Or why not just stop being hateful and do as says and move on? Ann if you are such a Christian woman what are you doing in your spare time to help those in need? Are you feeding the homeless? Buying toys for tots ( more then likely I would bet she gives them coal)? In that one speech that Ann Coulter made which totally type casted the republican party. May I remind you that it was the republican party that liberated the slaves, stopped the Vietnam war, gave us the Clean air act, the Clean water act, and got us set on to getting cars with good gas mileage. I mean Ann Coulter completely obliterated what was a decent party aka the republican party is the forgotten liberal party. Well Miss Coulter it is time to wake up and get your head out of the box, there is a world out their.
    What I would really like to know is when did the republican party turn towards bigotry and childish antics of name calling and personal attacks I mean isn’t calling someone a fag completely wrong. Now that I think about it we the public would be far better off not paying attention to Ann Coulter and her right wing in the box thinking style.

  5. Come on Mr. Roach, wake up. The answer to “since when have republicans…” is since Nixon showed them the way. The only modern Republican President who was a decent person was Ford, and he wasn’t elected.

    Check out talk radio. Coulter didn’t pay any price with the right wing. These people pride themselves as being at war with us (culture warriors), and her stock goes way up with millions of them every time she does something outrageous.

  6. Steven Roach says:

    well that is true me personnally i would consider her more of a canker sore.

  7. Steven Roach says:

    thank you for your comments