Let Freedom Ring

In 1832 the Reverend Samuel F. Smith wrote the words to America.

All of us can recall singing this song. The first verse goes like this:

My country, ’tis of Thee,
Sweet Land of Liberty
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
From every mountain side
Let Freedom ring.

And yet today we find our nation in ever-growing peril.

We have an FBI that abuses power and searches employment records without court orders.

A President who obtains wiretaps without going to the FISA Courts.

Our library use and even our Google searches aren’t safe to prying eyes.

Torture has become a little “dip”.

Habeas Corpus rights are dismissed.

Rendition is the abuse du jour. Abu Ghraib is left unaccountable. Guantanamo is routine.

Even global warming is ignored and science is edited and scientists are gagged so that they can’t even talk about the plight of polar bears at international meetings.

Wars have been started and facts have been ‘fixed’.

CIA agents are outed.

Supporting the troops doesn’t include body armor or even the necessary medical care and research on brain injuries.

Taxes are cut for the wealthy and the gap between the poor and the rich grows while our nation slides into massive debt.

Phony reporters are allowed into the White House Press Pool and the President doesn’t answer questions or have many press conferences anyhow.

Bipartisan commisions are ignored.

Pictures of coffins returning from war are censored and the injured return on flights at night.

Our President cannot travel to other nations without fear of demonstrations of contempt. America’s good will since 9/11 has been literally flushed.

The President ignores the will of Congress adding signing statements that subvert the division of power.

I want America back! I want the nation our founding fathers established that recognized the freedom from a totalitarian government that we all fear. I want America back that cherishes the rights of free speech, the rule of law and not the rule of might. A nation that doesn’t torture its prisoners, protects the rights of each of us regardless of how distasteful we may be. A nation that believes in the rightful place of government to advance the needs and aspirations of every American by providing education and opportunity for all. We don’t need scoundrels running this nation who hate government, who try to bankrupt our future generations to deny them the financial freedom they deserve.

America needs dreams. America needs promise. America needs a future that is bright and optimistic. America needs new leadership and new direction today.

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About Robert Freedland

A concerned American and supporter of Senator John Kerry, I am the author of the blog "John Kerry for President 2008". I am also the author of the stock market investing blog, "Stock Picks Bob's Advice".
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One Response to Let Freedom Ring

  1. P.L. Lambert says:

    Librarians are aware of the threat posed and we fight in in our own ways. One librarian–in Montana as I recall–simply refused. Librarians are deeply committed to the right to read. What any individual chooses to read is his* own business, and we support his rights.
    *NB English major here regards any form of the pronoun “he” as the neuter form and is tired of people f*cking around with his language.