March Madness

How funny is it (above) that Karl Rove is now being implicated in U.S. Attorney-gate? Just the other day I wrote it was hard to believe that Harriet Miers cooked up the whole “let’s dump the U.S. Attorneys” scheme, mainly because her role as WH Counsel would preclude such a concern, and now we know why.

“White House political adviser Karl Rove raised questions in early 2005 about replacing some federal prosecutors but allowing others to stay, an e-mail released Thursday shows. But earlier Thursday, Rove told journalism students in Alabama that the decision to fire each prosecutor ”was made at the Department of Justice on the basis of policy and personnel. We’re at a point where people want to play politics with it.” LMAO! (see pic above)

You can’t write irony like this, folks. So the question remains, then, why would the Architect have wanted to fire certain U.S. Attorneys, even more so following the ’06 elections?

The answer, according to James Moore, author of “Bush’s Brain”, is that Rove believed the only reason Republicans lost the Congress last November was because of “the scandals”. Were it not for the congressional scandals (Cunningham, Ney, Abramoff, et al,), each being investigated by a U.S. attorney appointed by this administration, Republicans would have maintained control. And in order to minimize further losses for the ’08 elections coming up, Rove pushes the purge of the U.S. Attorneys most likely to cause he and the party headaches in the next 18 months.

It’s interesting speculation, to say the least, but it would be in keeping with the madness coming out of this White House for the past six years, where everything is done/deemed/viewed and interpreted with the next election in mind, laws, ethics and Constitution be damned.

And just as they threw poor old Scott McClellan to the wolves over Plame-gate, so too are they now dumping Al Gonzalez, and soiling what’s left of Harriet Miers’ reputation, for the “sake of the team.”

Team Bush: giving new meaning to the phrase stabbed in the back.

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3 Responses to March Madness

  1. Todd

    I heard that Kucinich brought up impeachment yesterday. It sure sounds good to me.

  2. Jane says:

    I believe that Rove resigned from his policy position in the administration some time ago and his current position is political. While U.S. Attorney is a political appointment and new administrations generally replace them with party members suggested by the senior senator of their party in the State in which they serve removing a U.S. Attorney during an administration is extremely rare. I believe Reno only removed one during the Clinton administration. A U.S. Attorney in Florida due to an unfortunate incident involving biting an exotic dancer in a gentleman’s club. Any suggestion that these U.S. Attorneys were asked to resign for political reasons is a serious concern.

  3. USNA says:

    I am firmly of the opinion that one of the very, very few things -indeed, maybe the only thing- that dubya the dumb has ever gotten right is the nickname he gave to karl rove … “turd blossom” !