Tom DeLay: “No Retreat, No Surrender, No Brain Stem”

LOL. “I would suggest that Republicans lost because they did not communicate their message and their victories with enough strength to overcome short-term, media-fed issues that arose right before the election,” Mr. DeLay writes in the book, “No Retreat, No Surrender” (Sentinel), referring in part to the Congressional page scandal.

“In typical take-no-prisoners fashion, Mr. DeLay, who left Congress last year after his indictment in Texas on charges related to campaign financing, lashes out at Newt Gingrich, the former speaker (“ineffective speaker of the House…he knew nothing about running meetings and nothing about driving an agenda,”), and other fellow leaders of the 1994 Republican revolution. He hits the Republican leader of the ethics panel that admonished him, calls former President Bill Clinton “slimy” and portrays leading Democrats as his evil liberal tormentors.”

I also caught a little bit of the bug exterminator cum indicted criminal on Meet the Press this morning, where he made the following observation about Democrats, anti-war protesters and those who want to set a timetable about our involvement in Iraq.

FMR. REP. DeLAY: Well, I–it, it is my opinion that when you go to war, we ought to all come together. You can debate going to war, that’s a legitimate debate. But once you have our soldiers and our, our young people dying on the battlefield, we should come together, and we shouldn’t have what we had yesterday on the Mall of, of, of–in Washington, D.C. When the–those are not, in my mind–my opinion, patriots that are talking about impeaching the commander in chief….

MR. RUSSERT: But setting a date for–is setting a date for withdrawal…

FMR. REP. DeLAY: …every step of the day, undermine–I think it’s aiding and abetting the enemy. When you tell the enemy what your strategy is, that’s aiding and abetting the enemy because they can use that strategy to come back and harm your soldiers.”

Does anyone know when this guy is going to prison? Because it can’t come quick enough.

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3 Responses to Tom DeLay: “No Retreat, No Surrender, No Brain Stem”

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Among the “victims” of our war in Iraq (as opposed to the Terror war, Afghanistan, and any and every other distinct flavor of hostility that King George may choose to engage in) is that Marine on 60 Minutes last night. Can you imagine being so full of fear that you force yourself to go to a war zone and then delude yourself into believing that your survival there is a matter of any other than personal consequence? Can you imagine needing to sort through your own shit after saying “Well, yeah, we killed those women and children, but, at the time, I believed that I was doing what I believed that I had been trained and ordered to do”? How many of our military people have the Republicans subjected to this particular brand of living hell, and do any of them understand that that particular reality, alone, is enough to dictate that no country go to war for any other than the most momentous reasons?

    Tom Delay shows no consciousness of, or remorse for the blood that we all have on our hands because of this criminal misadventure. We of the small blame acquit ourselves honorably when we resist efforts to prolong this travesty by those whose soles clearly deserve to be consigned to eternal damnation. The fact that it’s so often necessary to accept such small consolations in life makes the striving all the more important and enjoyable.

    That and the fact that it’s still possible for me to give thanks that I’ve avoided becoming a person that is even vaguely similar to the Tom Delay’s of the world.

  2. Darrell, excellent points. I thought the same thing after watching 60 Minutes last night: how harrowing and f*cked up this war really is. It’s like those interviews with soldiers from Vietnam, about how you never knew who the enemy was, and they kept asking themselves, WTF are we doing here?

    You know who I blame for that massacre in Haditha? Not that guy or his company, but the moron in the Oval Office, and every prick like Tom DeLay who still thinks it was the “right thing to do,” and if you don’t believe so “you’re aiding and abetting the enemy.”

    I need a lecture on patriotism from some bug exterminator like I need another hole in my head.

  3. William H. Carr says:

    Dear Mr. DeLay:

    I live in Corpus Christi, TX. where you attended Parkdale Baptist Church.

    My associate pastor at First Presbyterian Church, performed the wedding of your brother, Randy, at Jacksonwoods Presbyterian Church in Corpus Christi.

    My son was murdered in Houston after having been on a Halliburton-Dresser boat at South Shore Harbor Marina. The next morning my former church member’s grandson, head of counter-terrorism for the FBI died in Dallas.

    My son’s burned out car was found near the James R. Bath related Ellington Field. After I scoured the car at the police impound lot near downtown Houston I was taken to Mingalone’s Restaurant in the Bayou Plaza Center developed by your friends Abramoff and Cordish.

    Will you grant me a real-time interview on-line? Will you allow it to be filmed? I want to see a man in action who promises he will not surrender and will not retreat under any circumstances. I would like to let the world see it, too.


    William H. Carr