Two Birds with One Stone: Orwellian Swift-Boating!

YouTube is now the new place to launch unverifiable attack ads.

This may only be the beginning. Watch this because it is news. Not because it is from the Obama Camp. But because it smells like the Dan Rather Killiam memo story that was planted by somebody.

Can you think of a better way of trying to ‘take down’ both Obama and Clinton simultaneously?

Only a brilliant political tactician could have put this one together. Never underestimate anyone.

Republicans have successfully used high quality production video to take down Tom Daschle, Harold Ford and others. Could a video producer with important political ties be capable of producing this?

Where do you think this came from? This is no amateur job.

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A concerned American and supporter of Senator John Kerry, I am the author of the blog "John Kerry for President 2008". I am also the author of the stock market investing blog, "Stock Picks Bob's Advice".
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8 Responses to Two Birds with One Stone: Orwellian Swift-Boating!

  1. I read elsewhere last night that the ad is a Superbowl “Apple” ad that someone messed with and stuck Hillary in. I hope this doesn’t prove to be from Obama. Too early for this stuff.

  2. I’ve also heard there’s a version of this “ad” with Bush on the screen, doing his Orwellian doublespeak about the war, and then is smashed in favor of voting for Democrats in general.

    Given his “big brother” spying on the American people all these years, that ad would make more sense than Hillary Clinton onscreen.

  3. Todd

    I agree – a Bush ad like this makes a lot more sense. I don’t like the implications of Dems attacking Dems. I never have. It’s not okay that JK was attacked by fellow Dems and I think it’s the same here.

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  5. Pamela and all,

    I don’t think this IS Democrats attacking Democrats. The whole thing smells of Lee Atwater dirty tricks. Any Obama supporter would have attacked Hillary without claiming Obama as the source. Only somebody wanting to start INFIGHTING would put up such a sophisticated piece of propaganda.

    Maybe I am too much of a conspiracy theorist, but what do you think?


  6. Robert

    I’ve been Googling around trying to find some info…

    It’s hard to say. I think it very well could be an overzealous Obama supporter or a GOP dirty trick.

  7. ifkeditor says:

    I saw this a couple weeks ago, before the media storm, and took it as the work of a savvy gen-y Obama supporter. Nothing more. Kudos to them.

    It’s way too clever for the media elite, and I recognized it immediately as an apple ad promoting the first Macintosh computer.

    Talk about a mountain out of a mole hill.

    Obama has some serious support among college kids with lots of time on their hands.

    I suppose it could be more than a college kid’s guerilla marketing project, but even if it is, so what.

    Give ’em credit for originality. Obama is the fresh air to Hillary’s baggage. Seems spot on to me.

  8. vwcat says:

    I honestly think it came from someone who is a netroots person. A blog reader and a person with some good software. And I think it is not from a pro or with any campaign. I have seen some really creative and interesting things come out on youtube. More so than with Mainstream people.