Make Your March Madness Selections Now!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was surprised to get this latest email from John Kerry today:

“Dear Todd, March Madness is here.

“Only this time it’s not just a chance to follow your favorite team through the NCAA brackets — it’s time to fill out your first bracket of 2007 to decide which great Democrats the community will rally behind this spring.

“It’s your chance to choose which candidates to support.

“Please click the link below and vote for 2 Senators and 2 Representatives you want to advance to the final bracket.

March Madness

I’m not very familiar with a lot of these races (so haven’t voted), but it’s nice to see the Kerry community getting mobilized/active again.

Any suggestions?

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One Response to Make Your March Madness Selections Now!

  1. Todd

    Frank Lautenberg and Jack Reed in the Senate and Patrick Murphy and Ciro Rodriquez in the the House!