The Legacy Of Arrogance

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Buzz for sharing this wonderful poem ‘The Legacy of Arrogance’ in the comments two days ago. It’s well worth a post of it’s own and as Ginny noted in response to it, Buzz should be our ‘Dem Daily Poet Laureate’. I quite agree…


The era of Bush II dawned in 2000 with hopes.
But to our great dismay we had inherited dopes.
George promised to unite us and not be a divider.
However, the divisions became more vicious and wider.

His election itself cast doubts on it’s legitimacy.
To many Al Gore was the one with authenticity.
But, down in Florida, brother Jeb wouldn’t count all the votes,
Ans so, with the help of K. Harris, George of the presidency now boosts.

In just a short eight months of our new monarch’s reign,
The planes brought us death, heartache and pain.
The whole world was with us in our time of distress,
But Bush took this goodwill and changed it to detest.

Instead of waging war on those who attacked,
His preemptive war got us mired in Iraq.
The faulty intelligence he supplied, led us astray,
Bogged down in a war for which we’d dearly pay.

On the deck of a carrier he declared, “Mission Accomplished”.
Oh to have known the falsehoods this encompassed.
Even though Sadam and his sons are now dead,
The precious blood of our G.I.’s and civilians are still shed.

In 2004 we pinned our hopes on John Kerry,
But Bush ran a campaign quite vicious and scary.
The swift boat lies did our senator in.
They made our hero a traitor, so he just could not win.

Thru the years of his kingship the fear card he has played.
Civil rights are infringed on and justice delayed.
The torture of prisoners is an every day practice,
And these villainious deeds into a dark corner backed us.

There are scandals galore in “The Deciders” reign,
Like the outting of CIA agent Valarie Plame.
The unauthorized easedropping on our civil rights tread,
While Bush’s close cronies still feather their bed.

With the dismissal of eight federal judges the nation screemed “foul!”
But King George cared not if his subjects did howl.
He dug in his heels for a battle with congress,
And he seemed not to care and refused to regress.

And so today peace seems so out of reach.
All due to a president who we should impeach!
Once viewed as a becom of rights in the world.
Our image is now tarnished and our flag is unfurled.

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3 Responses to The Legacy Of Arrogance

  1. ironxl84 says:

    Kudos to Buzz,

    A great poem! So true, so true.


  2. Indie Liberal says:

    Kudos to Buzz!

    Also, not only the Swifties, but the media and some members of the Dem party did both Kerry and Gore in. And did them in because they know that Bush won’t matter in 08 cause he won’t be running.

  3. Buzz says:

    I wish to thank Pamela and all others for your kind, favorable responses. I have always enjoyed writting. King George just inspires so much negativity in me, that I vent when I write. If I get inspired again, I will make sure to share my thoughts with you. It is my firm observation that we have a great bunch of folks on this blog. Thanks again! Buzz